Monday, November 3, 2014

in the know

In the Know

Leo knew he should have expected it. He was expecting the worst at the party, but that didn't mean he would poo on Henry's parade.

After all, it was a lot to take care of.

He could have worked that night at the movie theater. At least, he had Nate (a co-worker) around to help police the party. He'd taken off from the movie theater too. Leo didn't want to trouble Henry. After all, he did want Henry to have a good time. And of course, Leo loved the music.

So the night went as planned even with a slow start. It was late when people started to arrive.

Of course, it gave him time to rethink about the shooting that happened over the summer. Sure, everyone thought it was gang related. Except, it wasn't on the side of town where shootings generally happened. Deep down, Leo always thought the shooter was a wanna-be gangster. As it was, they'd never found a weapon nor anyone to blame the shooting on.

It was all so strange. There were a party of people. Someone slipped in. Took somebody down in one shot and then they were gone.

He'd found it troubling for months now, but it wasn't something he conversed with Henry. Leo knew Henry would find it upsetting. And it felt everything was back to the way is should be with the two of them. Vada was back. And safe. Henry didn't seem worried about his seizures.

It was going to be a good time.

Except, Leo was keeping an eye out. What if somebody was shot at the party?

He kept his cool. Nate, who was lean and tall made his rounds like a copper, already. It looked to be a clean gathering. Just nerds. No smokers. A few lovebirds on the dance floor, but some loners outside. After all, it was just a Friday night Halloween party.

And that's when Jared showed up, as if he was here, for a one man show.


cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

I'm a little bit nervous right now...


Sara Gerard said...

I love that he is doing such a good job keeping an eye on everything.

Launna said...

I am hoping a shooting doesn't happen... I was more concerned with the party getting out of hand... :-/