Tuesday, November 4, 2014

And Then

And Then

Jared had never followed a schedule in his life. He just went with it and winged it for the most part.

He was that way in school. Always a roller-coaster ride. And he loved it.

He was a jackal on the football field. Everything was a laugh. And this would be a piece of cake, too.

He had his posse. After all, wasn't he ..THE JUSTIN BEIBER of the school. Always a girl on each arm. A buddy or two for backup. Even a little brother, somewhere tagging along.

But Conner didn't go to the party that night. Come to think of it, Jared didn't know what happened to lil' bro. Jen was a no show and Kenny...Was he missing him too?

He'd let his little brother have it... into next week. Yeah, Jared would call him names, a punch or two. It was no big deal. Except. It would have been good if he'd came that night. Didn't his brother care about him?

So, yes, they were late. But was he imaging his posse now? Thank God, he wasn't driving (Kenny dropped him off) because Jared had drank way more than a six pack and chased it down with some of his Dad's rye whiskey with a couple of pills... to get a little buzz.

Jared, was pretty sure this party would be over soon. Besides, he never left the house on a Friday night without his sawed off shot-gun which he'd lovingly named J.D. It was in a secret compartment of his black overcoat.

Of course, he didn't know who he had in mind, tonight.

For all he knew, maybe it would be a girl. Jen was being pretty shitty lately, as far as he was concerned.

Then to find out she didn't even like guys, anyway. Yeah, this would be the perfect place to do it. Maybe he'd bump off a few gays in the process. Didn't that dude hold an office in that LGBT club at school?

Yeah, it would be easy pickings.

Jared road in with a smile. He was on his way to target practice.

And then.....

Jared tripped over somebody's big feet in the yard. It might have been a girl, but it had to be a boy. Cause his shoulders were so broad, and he pushed Jared down flat on the cement.

His jacket folded out, like a sick bat with nowhere to go.

"Holy shit!" The teenager's golden hair fell in his eyes, but he slipped out the sawed-off shotgun from the hidden compartment and pointed it straight at Jared.

"You wouldn't," begged a girl who was probably in middle school.

Jared winced. His head heavy from being terribly medicated could barely move. He was not as steady on the ground as he was a few minutes, ago.

It wasn't long until some tall dude and a taller dude arrived. They made a matter of fact citizen arrest while somebody radioed the police.

Jared was so close. He fumed without saying a word. At least, no one knew what he did over the summer.


Launna said...

Thankfully they caught Jared... I hope they figure out what he did... he sounds sick :-/

cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

Jared definitely has problems. :/


Sara Gerard said...

Whoa! I am glad those guys were there to get him! Jared needs help!

Pop Champagne said...

Jared has some issues :( thank goodness they caught him


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