Wednesday, November 5, 2014

a very bad thing

a very bad thing

Henry was just as flustered now... as he was of the aftermath of the party. He didn't know about Jared until it was long over.

"Where were you?" His mother now asked at breakfast.

"At the party." Henry aimed to look at his mother, but didn't actually. He held his creamed coffee and hesitated to drink it, even though he knew he should. He didn't want to talk about the party. Besides, he had a nervous twitch, and he wanted to stay home from school.

"I don't feel so good, Mom. I feel a seizure coming on." Which was a perfect lie. A part of him felt exhilarated and ready to dance on Broadway. Then there was another part of him that felt so guilty and troubled. He squinted, thinking of Leo handling the situation with the gunman, alone. "God, I can't believe someone almost brought a gun to the party." He squinted, almost tears. Good, he thought. Oh, he really needed to cry. Not think about his moment with Chandler. Chandler..of all people. He hardly even knew him.

He was that kid who kept reading graphic novels all summer.

There was a bad taste in his mouth as he festered a soured frown. How could this have happened?

"Mom, there was a gunman." Henry stared into space. No way could he let Leo know about this little thing with Chandler. It was just a kiss.Chandler's first kiss. Of course, he had to show him how to do it properly.

 Henry made a face of disgust. OK, they'd made out like there was no tomorrow. He'd had all weekend to think about it. As it was he'd shut himself up in his room. He needed to think this through, but he felt stuck. "My head really does hurt."

"OK, sweetie." His mom clutched Henry's hand then. As if she understood, he was not feeling well today.


Launna said...

That is a really scary thing to find out that a gun was brought to the party... I would be unnerved too... :-/

cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

Poor Henry. :(


Pop Champagne said...

a gun at a party... yeah pretty scary stuff!