Thursday, November 6, 2014

Just a little chat

Just a little chat prt.1

"OK, I..I need to tell, you this." Vada wished Alo was right in her room. But maybe not. Maybe she couldn't breathe a word to him about the whole Roman situation. But she needed to talk.

"Tell me what?" He was there on her iPhone. Naturally, he was his very animated self. Naturally, he hadn't been sleeping much. Lots of revisions to revise. He looked a little hung up on caffiene, but he was happy to FACETIME with her.

She took a deep breath and then sighed.

"Remember..I told you about Roman." She'd told Alo about him when they were talking about reasons why they should have never gotten together. Funny, how she'd fussed with him how she was not good with relationships. How maybe she wasn't even a really good friend. She didn't remember everything she told him, but she told him enough, hoping to push Alo away then, but now she was afraid he might go off the deep end.

"I think so." He squinted. "The theater geek?"

"Well..he's not so much a geek..he's not even in the theater, anymore." Vada pressed a scowl as if maybe this was not a good idea to bring him up.

"OK?" He was looking at her wild eyed wondering where she was going with this.

"I saw him." She quickly said, thinking that should sum it up.


"He spent the night." The words were like ripping off a very sticky bandage. She gritted with a hard squint.

He did look at her as if he didn't see anything funny about it.

"Its not what you think." She needed to explain. "I mean...he..he needed a place to crash. I think he's homeless. And..and well, he..HE kept talking about this girl the whole TIME. He's so crazy about her."

"But, you let him stay over." She could hear the crack in Alo's voice.

"He had nowhere to go." She shrugged.

"Where is he now?"

"I dunno." Vada was a bit restless of the fact of wondering where Roman had gone. "I just think rehab ruined him."

"You, never said anything about him being in rehab?" Alo looked even more worried now.

Vada guessed she better tell him everything about Roman.

Just a little chat prt.2

Jen heard through the rumor mill what went down at Henry and Leo's Halloween bash. She tensed with emotion, thinking Jared hated her that much.

She hugged her books as she went along through one class to another in a daze. She couldn't believe it.

Jared had a gun. Why didn't she know?

Her Halloween was relatively simple. Yes, she'd waited for Carly, who was a no show. Jen ended up at Rossie who was having her own little party with a co-worker and Nic along with the pink haired girl. They'd ended up playing SKIPPO and HEARTS.

She felt safe there. Far away from Jared and his group of friends. But now she wondered if they'd have it in, for her too.

"Is it true?" She finally found Kenny on his way out, doing his best to be unnoticeable. Suddenly, everyone didn't want to be associated with Jared. "He wanted to kill me?"

"That's a harsh word." Kenny wasn't smiling, as he looked down at Jen. "He was pissed, when he found out about you. You know.." He'd let her fill in the blank.

She only sighed, wishing she had Caitlin to back her up, but things were different now. Caitlin hardly ever spoke to her, and she was not that fun girl Jen thought she knew. Evidently.

Jen swelled a small frown, trying to put it all in perspective.

"Did you know, he..he..had a gun?" She looked at him serious as he looked nervous now.

"I-I guess..Its just..I didn't think..he'd ever use it. I thought he only had it, because, he wanted to be so tough. Honestly, I doubted it was real." His sheepish grin looked more like a nervous twitch now.

"You, have to tell the police, Kenny. You have too." She felt as if she was begging him to do the right thing.

He festered a frown as if she was expecting him to hand himself over for exploratory surgery with the cops.

"OK," he finally gave in with a whisper. He looked at her then. "Its just..did I..I mean..was it know..." There he was ready for her to fill in all the blanks.. as to take the blame of her being a lesbian.

"Would you, just not go there. It has nothing to do with you." She really saw the innocents in his eyes now. She hugged him hard, thinking he needed one, more than she did. "You're a god guy, Kenny." Jen told him. "Its just, you never really knew your best friend, until now."


Launna said...

I think Vada needs to tell Alo the whole story and trust he will be understanding...

It would be scary to find out someone actually wanted to kill me... I can understand Jens apprehension...

cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

Kenny has a lot to deal with right now - but he definitely needs to tell.


Sara Gerard said...

Vada made the right choice by letting Alo know what is going on, but she needs to come clean.