Friday, November 7, 2014

on the verge

on the verge

Sky might as well have had an emotional stroke, himself. He'd never gone this long without going to work.

He didn't think this sort of devastation could happen to him. Actually, he didn't know if he were angry or depressed when Camille asked him. He knew he was giving Josie the cold shoulder too, even if he didn't mean too.

"I dunno what to do." Truth be told he knew he was the worst actor in the world. How could he keep it inside, seeing his so called grandfather that kept asking about him. Luckily, Nico gave their father the excuse that Sky was terribly ill with something. It wouldn't be a good idea for Sky to visit.

So now Sky felt he was this shell of a person who definitely needed to be recharged. He wasn't even sure he could make it through a 4 hour shift at the library.

"I know I have too. I have to go on. I want to. Its just." He felt like crying for no reason. What ever foundation of being who he was..was gone. The Dad he thought he had didn't exist. He'd thought so much of him. Dreamed of him. Even the history of him was distorted.

That man was a friend of his mother's from high school. She said he would have done anything for her, and evidently, he did. He gave her what she needed at the time when he'd gone off to war.

There was the fact that his little sister was his real sister, not his half sister. Not that he ever cared..until now.

"I just hate the lies. I just hate them. And I'm a lie." It was that simple.

Still Camille thought he should see someone. A therapist. A counselor. Someone he could really talk too.

"But I'm talking to you." His eyes burned with emotion. Couldn't he just go back to bed? The trouble was he didn't shower. He didn't want to eat. He didn't want to do anything.


Launna said...

I can understand how Sky feels... when there is a sudden change that is that drastic... it's hard to not just want to stay in bed...I've been there...

cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

He really does need to talk to someone.


Sara Gerard said...

Wow things are really hard!

Anonymous said...

Oh..I loved that part about "emotional stroke".