Saturday, November 8, 2014

thinking it over

thinking it over

"You, really think we should do this?" Josie was at work behind the counter at the Campus Coffee Shop. Seeing Nico and his mother with his little niece were the last people she ever thought would be here, but she took her break and got them something to drink.

The place was practically empty at three in the afternoon. She wasn't taking so many classes at the high school anymore so she could be there for the afternoons.

"Your mother sounds like Sky is getting worse." Nico's mother Alice had been on the phone with Camille.

"Its not like he needs rehab, you know?" Josie winced. He wasn't mental. Yes, it was a lot to take in, finding out his grandfather was his real father.

"We're not saying that." Nico shook his head. "We just think he might need to get checked out. I don't even think he has insurance." Nico looked at his mother as if that was one more thing to worry about. "Maybe if he can get on some meds."

"He won't take meds." Josie shook her head. They sounded like they might be talking about Derrick. She scowled as if she didn't like the idea.

"We want him home with us." Alice's smile was calm. "Well, Nico won't be there, but with me and Lily. It'll give him a chance to know her."

"Draco's not there is he?" Nico winced hard.

"He's around." She looked at him as if that was another matter that wasn't going away anytime soon.

"He's fine at my house." Josie hoped she could get to Sky first. He was going to be OK. She wanted him to be OK.


cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

Josie has changed so much - I love how caring she is now.

P.S. I'm so glad that you'll be participating in the great holiday blog swap!


ellie said...

Thank you for having THE GREAT HOLIDAY BLOG SWAP!

Launna said...

Josie has grown on me so much, I love how caring she has become ... I hope Sky will be okay ...