Saturday, November 29, 2014

let the right one in

Let the right one in

Honestly, Nico wanted to be with Mitch. Although, he hadn't told Mitch this. But Mitch was on his mind at dinner even if his Dad asked about Nico's girlfriend.

"God, Dad, you know, he doesn't have one." Draco smiled with a mouthful of turkey and stuffing in his mouth. He'd slept all of Thanksgiving and didn't get up until the last minute.

Nico wanted to have it out with his brother, but he was on his best behavior for many reasons. Sky was here and Nico cooked most of the dinner for his mother. She'd mashed the potatoes because no one mashed them quite like his mom.

A part of him hated to face the fact that this was his holiday. He'd soon be on a 12 hour shift. He should have slept through the holiday, but he wanted to be there for his family, and he did adore his little niece and wanted to see as much of her as possible.

They'd made Turkey sugar cookies with her little hand prints. He already thought he could be a better father than Draco.

So, it was a bit of shock when the doorbell rang about 8 that night. There was Lily's mother.

Nico's mother said she knew about it, but she hadn't mentioned it to anyone.

Naturally, Draco was in a huff. Lily's mother wasn't alone.

Of course, she was here to see Lily. At first Lily looked at her as if she was a stranger. But her mother talked to her for a moment. And Lily suddenly remembered and hugged her mother so. As if she might be an early Christmas gift.

About 20 minutes later, Charlie introduced herself to him. Draco hugged himself tight and went outside. Naturally, his Dad was already asleep in his recliner, and Sky was talking to Carson like they might be old friends.

Nico went to make coffee while Charlie promised she wasn't the bad one in all this.

"I know. I've been in jail. I couldn't find Draco when I got out. And.. it wasn't like I could go anywhere." She'd spent a good six months or more on probation. She'd spent some of the time taking some classes. "I dunno if I could ever be hairdresser." She said she'd found more comfort in building houses for Habitat Humanity. "It just took a lot longer, to get here, than I thought." She squinted sadly as Lily fell asleep in her arms.

Charlie finally confessed she'd gone to jail for Draco on a drug charge.

Oliver's Thanksgiving

Oliver didn't do Thanskgiving. Maybe it was an excuse. Maybe it was just who he was. Yes, sometimes, he supposed he took a step back instead of forward with Kayla. But she had her family. Her sister and brother. And he had the dog.

He insisted that she and their daughter go.

"I'll be OK."

But she wanted to know what he'd eat. He shrugged. There was food. She insisted on bringing him a plate. That was the least she could do. Finally, she left after a worrisome hug. He let himself in at her part of the apartment and scrounged up some coffee and buttered toast. They weren't exactly living together even if he was just down the hall.

He noticed she'd been looking through some of his scrapbooks. He forgot he had them. Well, he didn't feel like that Oliver anymore. There he was with schoolmates, even weddings. Happier times.

Now it was just himself and the dog for the most part, And his bakery.

He gave the pup what was left of his crust. He slapped the book shut. Oliver knew his cue. Go walk the dog.

It was like clock work. Wait for the dog to pee then poo and off they'd go. Although, it wasn't nearly as warm out as the weather man said. It was bitter cold. The kind where a bit of ice could prevail that one would not know.

But he hurried on because someone had waited forever for this occasion. They went their usually destinations. The dog was renamed Boo now. Since the usual phrase was "Boo do you need a poo?"

Anyway, Oliver let the dog lead him on to their usual haunts of vacant stores and once upon parks.

Oliver shivered. He needed to be inside before frostbite set in, Boo knew his cue too. He jogged in his heavy set run. Oliver did the dance with him on the way back after a few blocks from home.

Not a thought in his head, but one object out of place and a skid to suffice. Oliver hit the street unexpectedly.

Naturally, it got off with him that someone might see him in his predicament, But of course, everyone was busy with Thanksgiving.

His fingers were stiff and burning, even inside his gloves, but something hurt even worse. His left wrist. He hurried on even if he did fret. Boo lead the way. Oliver tensed. He didn't want to know what had exactly happened. But he felt war torn and battered. He shook his head. How did people in fierce places take it? Day in and day out? He was certainly a ninny he felt for sure.

Still, there was Kayla waiting for him. Actually, everyone. They'd decided to bring Thanksgiving to him.

He hadn't meant to be so unkind. Yet his wrist throbbed. He hadn't meant for it to be a day at the emergency room with a broken wrist.


cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

What a sweet gesture on their part!


ivy said...

Oh, I dunno how I would take it. But I'm glad they were there for Oliver. I like Nico better than Dranco, too.

Anonymous said...

I loved the dog story.