Sunday, November 30, 2014

Switching it up

switching it up

Macy wasn't even in the Thanksgiving mood. The holidays were beginning and she felt stuck.

She knew her Mom was trying. Gage's Dad helped a great deal. Especially, with her grandmother's house and with her Dad.

Even Gage was getting into the physical labor, and he held her hand. Even when she didn't want him too.

She was puzzled about this so called face chat. It was on a laptop.

Gage was so eager to introduce her to Halie.

Macy froze. This was not what she thought she would be doing right now. But she guessed she would figure it out. Halie had someone too.

Dustin was very cordial. Funny, how she warmed up to him.

"What is it? That you do, on a Thanksgiving?" He asked as if it were so foreign.

"Eat way too much." Macy grinned. "And get ready for Black Friday."

Then she realized they were doing all the talking. Halie was nowhere in sight and Gage went to the bathroom.

Suddenly, it was a stretch of dead air. He looked at her. She stared back at him trying her best not to be silly. Funny, how he made her feel so comfortable. Like she could really talk to him.

Finally, he mentioned working at the pub.

Macy said she was too young to go to one.

"But I went to an open mic at a bowling alley." She bit a grin thinking how long could this conversation go on.

"What do you do on open mic?" Dustin winced.

"I try to be funny." Obviously, she wasn't.

"I have some mates who like those roleplaying games." Dustin told her. "I am not fond of it, myself, but those who can. I commend them. I'm not at all clever."

Oh, he looked so clever. For a moment, Macy envied Halie. He was probably the better boyfriend.


cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

Envy is never a good thing.


Anonymous said...

Interesting developments.