Monday, December 1, 2014

Hello December

Hello December

Chandler was lost with Macy gone. Thank God, the bed seemed to be his only island, lately, and the library.

He was going to search for Henry the day after Thanksgiving, but the library was closed. He was heartbroken.

Would Henry ever speak to him again?

It was a night Chandler would never forget. Funny, how they'd been in a closet, but that hadn't cramped his style.

Not that Chandler knew about style or anything actually. A guy had kissed him. Finally.

His dad thought he was heartbroken over Macy. Chandler was only mad at her. She had abandoned him. And he told her so in the stairwell at school.

Naturally, everyone thought Macy was a slut, being with Gage. Everyone knew what a bastard, Gage was.

But the nights were growing longer and Chandler just wanted to see Henry, again. Couldn't they just talk?

Only, he knew what he wanted from him. And words would not be enough. He knew it wouldn't be enough, but couldn't they talk?

So there he was at the library. Finally, he found Henry out in the stakes. Of course, when Henry saw was as if Henry gave him a bug-eyed look and turned the other way.

"Henry." Chandler whispered, trying to keep up with him. But Henry only walked faster.... faster.

Chandler swelled a frown. He knew he should have expected it, but he didn't want it to end this way. And then Henry stopped and Chandler collided in to him. Maybe it wasn't over, after all.


cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

Talking would definitely help right about now.


Sara Gerard said...

So much going on I hope they get to talk, they need it.

SuperLux said...

Too many things. Have a wonderful December!