Tuesday, December 2, 2014

the bitterness of it

The bitterness of it

Leo never thought he'd drop to this level of deceitfulness. It really wasn't in his nature. But Henry wasn't telling him what was wrong. And they didn't spend Thanksgiving together, which he was OK with, because his parents wanted him to have Thanksgiving with his Grandparents. Of course, he had to work all of Black Friday which started at midnight. They were having midnight matinees. So it was hectic at the theater.

He didn't have time to think about Henry. And then he did. But Henry was being aloof. He didn't text back. Leo tried not to worry. He didn't want to be that guy.

So he raided Essie's closet and even found a wig.

He didn't know if it would work. Actually, he'd never put make up on himself before. He really tried not to do much. After all, he didn't want to look like a drag queen. He wore black tights and even a black dress. Perhaps he was a little Goth. He squeezed into some loafers. When he thought about it now, anyone, who saw those big feet of his, would know.

Except, he didn't really know what he was doing. Maybe, he would just surprise Henry. Like it was some kind of game.

Was he really there to spy on him? Did he think Henry would confide in a stranger? But there he was at the library. Leo looked at books he thought girls his age would want to read. He did his best to avoid the Anime.

He kept looking at the counter for Henry. Of course, Henry paid him no mind, being incognito. And then Henry stepped away.

Leo was on his way to surprise him, wondering what Henry would think. But Henry was being followed.

Leo recognized the "youngster". He was that guy at school who's girlfriend lived with him. Leo's parents looked down on that sort of thing. Naturally, Leo didn't care one way or another. Maybe, one day he'd live with Henry, but they would be in college, probably their second or third year. Not anytime soon.

So Leo followed. Well, quietly. He was after all, just a stringy haired girl at the library. Possibly, looking for some Jane Austen to suffice.

And then Leo saw them kissing. A part of him wanted to yell "WHAT ARE YOU DOING." Instead, he took a step back and fled the library.

He was shaking. Leo didn't even feel the bitter cold a bit. He looked up to see someone staring at him.

"Could..could I take your picture?" The question only made him wince.

"What?" Leo barely croaked as he looked at the dark haired fellow who could be a model himself.

"You know, you've got the look. And they are looking for models in our area." He told with an honest smile as he handed over his business card. "Maybe, I could help."

He was a wedding photographer by trade.

"But I take photos of bugs and other stuff too." He shrugged. "I could do a photo-shoot. Anytime. Just let me know."

Leo nodded. He wondered if this guy knew he was actually in drag.


Anonymous said...

Can't wait to see where this goes. Poor Leo. Oh Garvin.

cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

Leo should really fess up.


Sara Gerard said...

Leo, poor Leo! Lots of surprises in this one.