Wednesday, December 3, 2014

You'll know it when you see it

You'll know it when you see it prt.1

Vada felt as if she might be fading into the woodwork, lately.

Alo was still on her case about not talking to Roman's so called wife Caitlin.

"I don't want her thinking I ..I did anything with him." She stared into her phone at Alo. "Besides, I told his parents, I saw him."

"And?" Alo wanted to know more about this mystery.

"Nothing." Vada winced. "He's still out there. I dunno anything." She felt as if she was under house arrest as it was. Thanksgiving was for her parents. Not her.

"OK..OKAY." He sighed. "Just, play nice."

"What do you mean?" She winced hard.

"If you see her, don't give her that look. But, she'd probably like to know anything. Like, how he looked. What he said." Alo told her with a shrug.

"She won't want to hear about this runaway, he's in love with." She glared at him on the screen.

"The truth hurts, but its good to know." Alo promised.

"Are you going to Spain to see your brother when classes are over?" Vada decided to change the subject as she lounged on the couch in her gray yoga pants. Really, she had not one to dress up for. Not even Alo. These days.

"God no." He winced. "I'm coming to America."

"What?" Vada smiled all over.

"First I'll stay with Lars until I can't stand it. Which won't be long. Then I have to see you."  His dazzling smile stayed on the screen.

Just then the front door opened and slammed shut. Vada looked up and saw it was Henry.

"Gotta go." She told him, happy with his news. "I'll catch up in an hour or so. Okay?"

you'll know it when you see it prt. 2

"Are you OK?" Vada looked him over as if Henry might be about to have a seizure.

"Don't look at me like that!" He couldn't help but push her away. He hated when people got that way around him. Wasn't like he'd had a seizure, lately. Henry glared at her wondering if he should talk about Chandler with Vada.

He looked away. As it was, he was very mad at himself.

How could he let this happen? He was determined not too. And then he let it happen with Chandler. Again.

Henry got situated on the couch after he'd pulled off his almost winter coat.

"I kissed someone." Henry wished it was a dream. It could have been a nightmare.

Vada only glared at him, but waited.

"At the library." He sighed finally looking at Vada, who might have looked kind of shocked. It was always hard to tell with her. After all, he always told her everything. Even about Leo. "It was Chandler."

"Chandler?" Vada winced. "Where do you know him from?"

"I don't." He shook his head. "OK, I met him at my Halloween party." He couldn't think of it as a bash now, or anything else.  He winced, thinking why was he thinking of that gawky kid when all the other bad stuff that went down that night. Like a shooter who might have been on his way to shoot him. "I kissed Chandler on Halloween." He then confessed.

"You..kissed Chandler! On Halloween?" Oh, she wasn't taking it lightly. "How could you?' She sighed ever so heavily.

"I don't think ..he'd ..ever..kissed..anyone..before." Henry looked into space, but in his mind, it was happening all over again. He knew he'd made Chandler happy. Why was it? He felt the need to make people happy? He clinched his jaw wanting to put the memory out of his head, but it was still on replay.

" that's what you helped him out? Really? Henry?" Vada winced hard as she shook her head.

"I don't want to hurt him." Henry was truthful. "I don't. I want him..." He shook his head.

"What about Leo?" Vada looked so concerned.

"I know." Henry sighed.

"You have to tell him." She pressed.

Henry only gritted harder. He pushed his fingers through his mess of hair, as if he wanted to pull it out. He hated the idea of having to talk to Leo. Was there anyway to fix this?


cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

Hopefully Vada can talk some sense into him.


Sara Gerard said...

Alo is such a sweetie, I love how he is always there for her.