Wednesday, November 19, 2014

On the other side of the pond

on the other side of the pond

"Maybe, he'll snap out of it," Halie said as if she didn't have time for this chat on the computer.

Something, just wasn't right, thought Josie. After all, she'd been talking way to much about Sky and his bout of depression.

"What's the matter?" Josie festered a look of concern as she watched her friend on the computer screen.

"Nothing." But the moment she said it, Josie knew that wasn't true.

"What happened? What happened when you went on your trip with Dustin?" Josie thought Halie was happy these days. Usually, she spoke of Dustin a lot, but now the silence wore on.

"Nothing." She was blunt as if she better leave it alone. "You, being this way with Sky? All the time? No wonder he won't talk to you."

Josie swelled a frown. She knew Halie well enough. She got this way when things were hard, or beyond her control. Josie only sighed.

"Its not that way. Not with Sky. He's..he is just having a tough time, and I know its his mother's fault. She was never really there for him. And..and ..well..its hard for him to trust..anyone."

At least there was some progress. She guessed. He'd seen someone about his depression and he'd moved in with his grandfather's family. Of course, that was still a lie. He was at his Dad's. But he was still calling him Gramps and he was back to work.

"But you were great..great before you went on your trip with Dustin." Josie reminded her, but Halie looked so sad.

"He didn't do anything." She finally confessed.

"What do you want him to do?" Josie asked. She saw the tears slip from Halie's face.

Halie shook her head, no and wiped a big fat tear with the back of her hand.

"I don't deserve him." She shook her head, no.

"Halie, can't you ..just let..yourself be happy ...with right now..with Dustin. I mean, don't you know, this is the best part. The little things with him. Not some big romantic get-away. He's there for you and Alec. He sounds like a really wonderful friend. And don't say, you don't want to be his friend. You need a friend like him." Josie found herself rattling on. Oh, Sky was a friend and she knew she needed to let him know that she didn't take his friendship for granted. Perhaps, she was talking more about Sky than she was of Dustin.

"I almost had intercourse with Jax." Halie confessed.

"What?" Josie thought maybe she heard wrong. First off? Who talks about intercourse? Why would she say that word? Josie's brow scrunched as if she might have a bad taste in her mouth.

"Yeah..that's why I have to let him go. If..if I respected..loved him..I would never.." She sounded as if she couldn't even breathe. She pulled a finger through her heavy hair that was getting in her face.

"But..but you said almost." Josie reminded her.

"Couldn't get it up." Halie shrugged as if it were only a small technicality.

Josie couldn't help to slightly crack up. "Oh." Josie cleared her throat at this little revelation. "I'm were..." Josie squinted. "Look, it isn't that awful. You, can't just push Dustin away and say its over. You can't."

Josie wondered herself if it was too late with Sky. They'd came this far and now it did seem the right time to let him go. Yet, she had to be there for him. She did. Oh, she hoped Dustin was there for Halie. If only Halie would talk to Dustin.


Launna said...

I think Josie is right... Hallie needs Dustin but I also think she is right in that she needs to open up to Sky more... we all do this in life, close ourselves off out of fear...

cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

Maybe Josie could give Halie a push in the right direction?