Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Except it isn't so

except it isn't so

Dustin knew something was the matter with Halie. He was certain she was faking being asleep when he came back from the party.

Of course, it felt a little weird sleeping with her. He was very aware she was in bed with him. So he couldn't sleep, but he did his best not to toss and turn. Besides, he'd wanted to talk to her then.

He felt bad about leaving her with Jax. After all, he'd wanted the weekend to be about them. Why had he even met up with Archie and all his college matess?

He felt like an oddball. Actually, they were a little odd, themselves. There were a few drama majors and actors who kept in character, constantly. All Dustin could do was stare and nurse on a lager. And then when the games began, he was really lost.

Archie was quite cozy with this Isolde from Australia. She hung on to Archie's every word. Or so Dustin assumed.

Next thing he knew she was clinging on to him when Archie went to the loo.

Dustin supposed he stood there bug-eyed, like a happy lad, but that wasn't quite so. He was bored out of his head.

He just didn't get it.

"Maybe, we shouldn't have made the trip." He told her now, after she'd let him sleep most of the way home on the passenger side.

"We were fine." She was cold. He couldn't read her face.

"What did I do wrong?" He wanted to know, but she swelled a frown more and kept driving as if she would get them home safe or else.

It was quiet again. Too quiet. He even checked to make sure Alec was breathing. He liked being there for Alec. His chubby cheeks were angelic and he was this amazing being Dustin wanted to see grow.

"Remember how, you said, your mother got along, just fine. All on her own." She told him.

"I guess." He looked puzzled.

"Well, I'm fine.  All on my own." She was swift getting Alec out of the little two door car and took him in, leaving Dustin without a goodbye.


Launna said...

Poor Dustin just wants to help Hallie... she shouldn't cut herself of completely...

cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

Oh, I wish she would let him in.


Sara Gerard said...

I like that she is independent, but it doesn't mean that she has to push him out of her life?

Ivy said...

I feel bad for Dustin. I hope he won't give up on her.