Monday, November 17, 2014

about last night

About Last Night

It was really nothing. Yet, it felt as if someone stabbed her in the heart and maybe left a dagger for Halie to linger a lifetime.

Well, it could be nothing. Because it was nothing. Just a quite ride home with Dusty from the uni, even Alec was in a deep slumber.

 Of course, Dusty looked too worn out to drive so she drove home to let him sleep it off. God knows, she was wide awake now.

It all started, she guessed the moment Dusty left for the party with Archie, and Halie was alone with Jax. No way, was Jax leaving his big ass of a hard drive computer wedged between the kitchen and the livingroom. She imagined him smoking late at night typing up rot of some sort. What if it were gay romances?

Oh, she was going to keep to herself or with Alec. Listen to soft music on the tele and catch up on some reading. Lord knows, if she had the emotion to get through IF I STAY, but she carried it with her, as if it was a book she'd get too, sooner or later.

Well, Jax wanted to talk about Molly. Again.

"Shut it." Halie had had enough. "You, either want her or don't." How more specific did she need to get?

"I don't want her." He was all bug-eyed at the thought. "Its..I dunno. I just can't seem to get in with Archie's mates. They all play this stupid Vampire card game, and it's really sick." He made a peeved face.

"Mol and Georgie are his mates now?" She winced, trying to figure out what he was in such a fret about.

"I feel so left out." He squinted harder as if he really was the loser in all this. He plopped himself down on the couch and his plaid shirt was loose again.

She hadn't figured he would have a problem with sweating. Actually, she couldn't help to think he wasn't nearly as perfect as everyone thought.

"You, could make an effort, Jax." She looked down at him.

"Yeah, I could, but why should I?" He snarled his face up as if it really wasn't his problem. And then his finger-tips touched her finger-tips and a sizzle of passion shot through her.

She was certain she must have jumped or at least lost her balance because he caught her hand before she wavered.

Next thing she knew she was in his lap.

"I knew, you, wanted me." He confessed.

She pushed him off. Or maybe she got off him. He was a tease.

"Oh really?" She scrunched a frown as if he was so wrong, but perhaps not completely. "How so?"

He only snickered a playful grin. As if it were the ticket.

It wasn't.

She'd make him work for it. She questioned him about his relationship with Molly. How great was it? What did he like best?

He looked at her then as if she was rather boring. Halie only smiled with her arms crossed. It was not going to be a one off, nor intercourse, not even a fingering.

But she sat next to him on the couch, and he went on to tell her how complicated Molly made life for him.

"I never really loved her. She guilted me, you know. Like I had to stay with her. We drank way too much. And now.." He shook his head. He was in tears.

"There hasn't been anyone since her." He shook his head as if maybe she'd damaged him.

Yes, maybe putting Halie's arm around him was the last thing to do. It was just the two of them and a sleeping baby in the next room. When they kissed, it felt as if a fire deep inside her would not let go. And she had to see it through. She wanted him. Now. Yes, she really wanted Dusty, and he was in her head looking down at her not Jax. She ate at his lips as if she would see who she wanted to see.

Right there on the couch it commenced. By the time Jax got to her breasts, she was leaking. He scowled so.

Halie saw Jax not Dusty. It was a wake up call. She knew it would not do. After all, his pud was putty.

She grimaced too.

"Why are you doing this!" She pushed him to the floor half undressed. The baby woke and she pulled herself together to tend to him.

It was true. She knew Jax's secret.

"Why can't you just tell him?" Halie thought Archie should know.

"About what? About this?" He winced as he zipped himself up.

She closed her eyes as she listened to him complain how she just didn't do it for him.

"Well, you were far off course. If you must know." She batted her lashes. "You're a puff." She winced but even when she said the word, Jax acted as if she'd hurt his ears.


Launna said...

I am glad Hallie stopped herself, I think sh would have regretted it later...

cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

Such a strange relationship between these two.


Sara Gerard said...

I think it is good that they stopped, seems a bit off.