Sunday, November 16, 2014

spur of the moment

spur of the moment

It was truly fall. The sun shining and yet there was a cozy temperature that meant sweater weather.

Martha wasn't limping and she actually felt she might get back to Fifty Shades of Grey. Finally. And then she would donate it to the library or maybe throw it in the trash. She did get testy when she read the novel. It wasn't Jane Austen and she'd promised her sister she would finally read something of this century. But she did snarl her nose up, quite a bit, while she read. Sometimes, she might throw the book across the room. Of course, she didn't treat any of her Jane Austen books that way.

So it was settled. She would read out on the front porch and hopefully mind her manners. Then Garvin showed up.

This startled Martha who practically stumbled off the porch with the novel. Garvin caught her and the novel too.

"What are you doing here?" It was weird when she was close to him. She felt dizzy as if she'd fallen into something with him, instantly.

"Sorry, I didn't call." He told her.

"That's ..that's fine." Maybe it was better to just keep this very distant. What ever this was. Which, she'd truly forgotten about because of someone else. Although, that was just a one time thing.  Going out to dinner with .. Brice. Then the Halloween outing. Yes, she talked to Brice everyday. And they occasionally ate lunch together. Everything was fine. Besides, she wasn't expecting anything from anyone.

"I see you, recovered." He grinned with a sharp toothy grin.

She only nodded.

"I was wondering if you'd be up for a road-trip?" He took her hand. She tossed the soft covered novel over her shoulder.

"Road-trip?" She winced.

"Its just an hour or so. Not that far."

She let him lead the way. She knew she should have used a dozen excuses, but did she still want to be sitting here? Doing nothing?

Actually, the hour went by so fast. They went by the apple orchard on the way, for lunch. He bought her an apple pie with caramel.

She really hadn't expected him to buy her anything.

And then they arrived at a new housing development not quite into the town where he lived.

"I want to show you this." He was all grins as he parked in a new driveway.

It was a moderate house with an upstairs and a basement with a living space in the middle and a good sized deck out back.

The place smelled new with plush beige carpet. Actually, she'd never been in a new home. Her mother's house had been her mother's parents. It was an old Victorian home that need lots of love.

Here, the natural sunlight came in and the back yard fence was white and private.

"Do you like it?" He asked.

"Well, yeah, it looks great." She smiled back.

He nodded as if he liked her answer.

"So..if..if we got married, you'd live here?" He asked her point blank.

She looked at him as is she was sure she didn't hear him correctly.

"See, I know..I could probably move, where you live, but I'd probably have to get a fixer-upper. And I'm not that kind of guy who can fix things. Then I was worried that I really wasn't qualified to run a hometown newspaper. It would have been a disaster. But I feel like I'm in my comfort zone with my job now. And..and I want to make a home with you." He nursed the corner of his bottom lip as if maybe he knew what she was thinking. "All right..I guess..I'm crazy...I'm crazy about you. I dunno what it is. You're different..from anyone I've ever met."

She crossed her arms waiting to get mad at him.

"When I'm with you, I get this little tickle in my throat."

"Like what? You're going to sneeze?" She smirked with almost a wink.

"No, like this little laugh...that just makes me smile." He smiled more.

She couldn't help to smile back. Actually, she'd never taken him to be an old fashioned guy. But she hugged herself more. Thinking on what he'd said about his career and how he wasn't one to fix things. She shook her head, no. No way could she fall into this waltz of life of his.


cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

Maybe she could just give it a tiny shot?


ellie said...

Oh..if only I'd know Autumn was over when I wrote this. Maybe Martha will change her mind when her heart thaws out.

Launna said...

Oh Martha has already fallen and she doesn't even know it... :-)