Saturday, November 15, 2014

It could be a happy ending

it could be a happy ending prt.1

There had been a set back. Garvin knew he should have called Martha and told her, but they weren't exactly dating.

Relationships were harder than he remembered. Perhaps, the older one got.. the better they were at being alone. He wasn't exactly alone. He was still at Vera's.

"You're just being lazy." Ruben told him. He was fired up about Garvin getting this new job at a newspaper and now he wasn't.

"No, I'm not." Garvin squinted as if Ruben was making this out of something it wasn't. "I like..I like being close by."

Besides, the wedding photography grew in to graduate portraits. He'd found a well-established photo studio not far from Oliver's. He was learning the business and he felt better about where he could go in this career, even if it was a small town. He liked it. And he was more comfortable.

He really could have had a row with his brother, but decided it would be the same old story.

"I think I want to marry Martha." Garvin shrugged.

"What?" This really set Ruben off. He went to get Dorian who was off in the livingroom making a Lego fort with Abel at the coffee table.

Stew was simmering on the stove.

"Ruben!" Garvin called after him. "Nobody needs to know."

"Know what?" Dorian looked up who was sitting in the floor with Abe, who was taking a little Lego from him.

"Its nothing..really..its quite nothing at the moment." Garvin hugged himself.

"Nothing? So that's the way, you, see it?" Ruben turned back, as if Garvin was the same old Garvin, never serious about anything.

"I..I'm going to buy a house."  Garvin was straight lipped. "I just..want to see if..if Martha likes it."

it could be a happy ending prt.2

"But Martha has a boyfriend." Abel looked at Garvin as if he was a little nutty.

"What?" Garvin sounded like he was from one of those British shows that Dorian liked to watch on Netflix.

Abel smiled, thinking it was kind of funny.

"He really likes her too." Abel beamed as if was rooting for Brice. Abel just couldn't help it. Brice talked to him like he was one of them. Not a little kid. He asked all about Abel and his Halloween costume and if he liked school and it was one question after another. All genuine.

"Is that so?" Garvin swelled up with envy as Abel's dad went on to explain who Brice was.

"Why didn't she tell me?" Garvin was serious as if she was doing this all behind his back.

"Maybe, its a trick." Abel looked at his uncle blankly. "But... you can't stay mad at him. He's really a good guy. "

Of course, he didn't want to think of Martha up to any tricks. He really wished she was his Mom. If he could help her along with Brice, he would.

Yes, sometimes, he daydreamed about having a family like any other kid in his classroom. But it was just a daydream.

Honestly, Dorian was the best and Abe didn't miss home so much. They(Dorian and Ruben) were a bit like his two old great uncles that kept his grandmother company most holidays and even on weekends. They weren't really Abel's uncles.

But even now they were fading fast from his memories.

This was Abel's new life. As bad as he hated to let the old one go, he'd let himself get attached to Martha.

It was true, he wanted her to be a relative of his. Maybe she never would be. And Garvin was going about it all wrong. He knew. Abe knew Garvin just needed to spend time with her, but he was certain Garvin would never figure that out.


cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

Maybe Abe could give him a push in the right direction?


Ivy said...

Oh..Abel..smarter than a grown man.

Launna said...

I don't think Garvin should give up on Martha so quickly .... :-/