Friday, November 14, 2014

a lovely day for something

a lovely day for something prt.1

Halie's mom demanded she keep the baby while Halie and Dustin went to the Uni to see Archie and Jax.

Halie actually watched her mother throw a tantrum.  Halie scowled as she looked at Dustin who was closed lipped, but she could see in his eyes he was frightened.

"We're going." Halie was ready to be in a stomp, herself. She couldn't take another second of her mother hoovering over her and the baby. "With Alec." She had to whisper shout because she didn't want to wake him in his carrier.

"We'll be fine, Mum." Halie winced, thinking how her mum couldn't stand the thought her daughter breast feeding.  Her mum almost gave him rum when he kept crying through the night. Liz swore Halie wasn't feeding him enough, but sure enough he'd doubled his weight since birth.

They watched her mother do a tragic dance of her temper. A few minutes longer than Halie could stand, but finally they were off on their little jaunt for the weekend.

"I know I can do this." Halie said a few minutes later on the out skirts of the village. Of course, they'd borrowed Rufus' little sports car. He was happy to see them off. He was definitely going to catch up on some sleep, but they both knew he wanted Liz all to himself.

"They're probably shagging as we speak." Halie looked at Dustin who was, of course, watching the road.

She didn't mean to hint anything, but was it ever going to happen? Between the two of them. She sighed heavily.

He reminded her of the party. Archie told him on his mobile.

"I'll stay at the flat, you go." After all, she did intend to be strong, but she was so tired. Even her limbs were weak. Halie hoped Jax remembered she was bringing Alec.

a lovely day for something prt.2

Jax was so flustered, he forgot he wasn't wearing a shirt when he answered the door. He probably looked hung over and then some.

Actually, he'd spent most of his time on a blood bath of a video game to get his mind off Molly, his ex who finally found him.

It seemed her life was perfect now, all because of this film-making Georgie who gave her life some perspective.

"Its just..." There always had to be a problem when it came to Molly. Of course, he couldn't remember much with her because they were always jolly when they drank and ran the rounds like too lost pups who'd find their way, sooner or later (when he first started University).

Supposedly, she was much wiser. She didn't drink, for starters. Neither did Georgie.

"Georgie is the straight and narrow." She informed in. "Except, he's met this..this Archie of yours..and.."

"And what..he's not all that straight?" Jax decided before he could make a brew and share it with her. Not that he really wanted to have a teaparty with Mol, but she really didn't like the thought of Georgie with Archie.

"Georgie's so good to me." It was never ending of his kindness and how he rolled her socks and made her soup and tea and God..jam on toast.

It really gave Jax a scowl he couldn't shake.

So he was doing his best to explain this to Dusty and Halie, but all they wanted to know ...where they'd sleep. They told him the pram made into a bed for the babe.

"Its fine, you can sleep in my room. I usually sleep with Archie."  Jax shrugged. He saw that look. "What?" He scowled, again.


cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

I hope they can be accepting of Jax's lifestyle.


Ivy said...

Have they figured out Jax & Archie yet???

Sara Gerard said...

Whoa, so much going on! I can't believe Hallie's mom acts like that, so crazy!

Launna said...

No wonder Hallie is so detached... her mother's a little strange...:/