Thursday, November 13, 2014

A Place to Call Home

a place to call home

Ting wasn't sure if she was the best person to take on Bree, but no one else had stepped up.

True, it was Shan coming to her, begging her to help him. No way did either of them want to let Shan's father get a hold of the social security that was intended for Bree.

Of course, it was all so sudden and tragic as to what had happened to Bree's mother in a subway accident.

Ting knew how slow Shan thought she was to making all the arrangements to get them together as a family. As it was she had to relocate. That meant finding a new hospital for work and there was the welfare business of making sure of guardianship.

Rowdy was in Alaska when she called him and told him news of what happened to Bree and how she was practically an orphan. He hadn't talked to his brother in years, but he was semi-retired now and if he could help out... He would.

Still, it felt clumsy. There first dinner with a guest and Fish. Ting really wanted to find some time alone to talk to Bree. Ting had never meant to be the enemy. She'd never really known Bree's mother. There just didn't seem a need too.

Funny thing, she'd always wanted a daughter. And perhaps it was the closest she would ever have.

At the moment, Ting had no boyfriend. No one.

She had a little something for Bree after the dishes were done, a couple of nights later. Ting got out a new phone for Bree.

"I know you have a Kindle and since it'll work with your Kindle, I..I thought it might be easy to use." Ting's luck, the girl would hate having another product from Amazon. Bree smiled as she took it, seeing it was loaded with all her favorite games and shows she liked.

"Remember, it is a phone." Ting grinned. She'd had so much fun with it. Ting had to get herself one too. "You, call me for anything. OK?"

Bree nodded.

She hugged Ting and whispered thank you. Maybe it wasn't going to be so bad living together, after all.


cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

Oh, I hope things work out for them. :)


Tallia said...

Aww the quote is so perfect!

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Ivy said...

Love they are being a family.

Launna said...

I hope it all goes well for them... I do like that they are acting like a family xox