Wednesday, November 12, 2014

a close call

a close call prt.1

"Where have you been?" Chandler asked out of concern when he finally found Macy at the school cafeteria. Of course, someone wasn't too far behind and he even had his hair pulled back in a manbun. "You were gone all weekend?" He didn't like making up lies to his dad about her whereabouts. Besides, Chandler needed to talk to someone about Halloween night.

"Sorry." Macy looked tired, like she needed a good nights sleep. "It was a long ordeal."

He kept up with her in the masses as she got her milk shake and a salad. She told him it was terrible having to talk to the cops. She was afraid she might get arrested.

"Then the next day we went to see my grandmother's-" She bit her bottom lip as if it was hard for to explain. "I guess I'm going home."

"What?" Chandler squinted hard as if this was the worst news he'd heard.

"Look, nobody's buying it, about you and Macy." Gage butted in as he plopped between Chandler and Macy at the empty lunch table.

Chandler said nothing as he bit into a fry that tasted like nothing. All he really wanted to think about was kissing Henry, who kissed back. It was on instant replay in his head. He was in love. Finally. And it felt good. Kissing Henry.

He couldn't wait to do it again. It couldn't be a one time deal. He didn't dream it. It happened.

"You, won't even let her talk." Chandler finally remembered why he need Macy. Finally she gave in and set across from him.

"My Mom's going to take care of my grandmother and ..and my Dad said he'd haul off all that crap she's been holding hostage when they get her moved into that low income assisted living place." Macy looked a little sad about it.

Chandler held her hand as if he needed people to know that he was still there for her. And he was..when he wasn't thinking of Henry.

"But your Mom and Dad are divorced." Chandler reminded her.

"Well, yeah, but Dad hasn't found a job and has no place to live. Mom, is as dingy as she ever was. She can't do anything without him." Macy festered an even angrier frown as she looked to Gage. Chandler knew it was all Gage's fault.

"You know, she almost failed fifth grade because of them." Chandler fumed to Gage. "All they do is fuss." Didn't anyone want a beautiful world? Like the one he knew that existed in his head. Well, he was still dreaming of kissing Henry.

a close call prt.2

It was true, Gage perhaps ruined things for Macy, but his Dad said it was for her own good. Her parents needed to take responsibility.  Of course, his dad was a smooth talker. Especially, when he met up with Macy's Mom Melanie.

 His dad had done his home work. Just like he did at the police station. Gage had done nothing wrong when he found the gun on Jared. There were a lot of eye-witnesses. Macy was the best one. Of course, there was a moment or two, where Gage thought he might get arrested too. But he didn't.

Yes, there was a light at the end of the tunnel. And it was going to be OK with Macy, even if she didn't think so at the moment.

True, she did have parents that didn't want to grow up. At the moment though, they were trying to get this fixed with Macy's grandmother. She did need help, and that old house of hers could be a home, after all.

Honestly, he was feeling pretty good with things, as far as it went with Macy. They were talking. And it was nice to know that she didn't hate him completely.

Still there was Halie to think about. His dad got him down to the post office to get his passport ready. By summer, he was going to England to see his son.

He didn't want to think that far ahead. All he really wanted was something simple, like Macy holding his hand.  She kissed him that night of the Halloween party. Gage couldn't help but to smile about it.


Launna said...

It sounds like Macy is good for Gage... I hope he is as good for her...

Chandler is cute with his crush on Henry... that's how it is when you like someone and you want to kiss them again, it is all you can think of .... ;)

cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

Macy is such a wonderful addition to Gage's life.