Tuesday, November 11, 2014

on to something

on to something

Shan wanted to go kicking and screaming. He really didn't want to leave Fish. Except, they weren't having sex, anyway.

It felt like a step back. Moving back home with his mom and an Uncle, he barely remembered.  This was not suppose to be happening.

"Are we ever going to be alone, again?" He fretted as he dropped another box on the floor of his empty room.

"Some day."  Fish would be out of school in December, but then he was going straight to college. Fish always worked hard. Shan wanted to be the opposite, but he kept at the classes and his part time job too. "Hey, at least you have a new bed." Fish grinned as if he knew just how much Shan liked a bed, and a big bed at that.

"Yeah, but the house is so old." Shan was hoping for something a little more like his Dad's house, that he remembered, even if he had stayed in the basement.

"It was built in the late 80's." Fish's perturbed look only made Shan smile as he wrapped his arms around him. It was time for a well deserved kissing break.

"I want us to go away, for a weekend, you know." Shan knew Fish would nix it.

"Maybe during winter break." Fish suggested.

"I thought you'd never ask." Shan messed with Fish's hair. "We'll go to the beach."

"And how are we going to afford that?" Fish winced.

"I dunno. Maybe I'll get Christmas money!" Shan was feeling good about this. Nothing was going to break his mood.

But soon he heard footsteps coming upstairs.

There was Bree with a boy.

Shan squinted hard. His sister was too young to be having boys over.


Launna said...

I am glad Shan is looking out for Bree... I hope it works out for him moving home...

cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

Bree has to grow up sometime...


Sara Gerard said...

I hope they get that break!