Monday, November 10, 2014

One foot in front of the other

One foot in front of the other

Bree hoped Uncle Rowdy didn't mess this up. She'd only met him the night before at Fish's parents house.

They'd had a little dinner for her and Shan. She guessed a good-bye dinner. Uncle Rowdy came with Shan's mother Ting.

Bree thought of all the times her mother couldn't stand to breathe Ting's name. And now she was coming to live with her. No one talked about her father. Uncle Rowdy, who was her father older brother, maybe half-brother, was just an old cowboy.

His face was wind worn and he was lean with a thick gray mustache. He was nothing like her Dad, but he smiled at her and wanted to know all about the things she liked and what grade she was in. He asked her a ton of questions she was sure her father would have never thought to ask. He wanted know what color she'd like her room.

Still, he had a voice of authority, and she would hate for him to scare Connor. Because Connor being here was better than any Christmas present she could think of. Honestly, she could stand there and watch his mouth move and be in a certain splendor she'd never felt before. He made her happy and she was afraid she'd never feel that again.

"Oh, I didn't know we'd have a guest over, already." Uncle Rowdy smiled as he shook Connor's hand.

"He wanted to see where I moved too." She told him, thinking now Connor never cared to ask where she lived before, but she smiled back at Connor.

"I made chili." Uncle Rowdy smiled as if he didn't mind if Connor stayed for dinner.

"Really?" Now Connor was Uncle Rowdy's best friend.

Lola and Lorelia

Oh, Lola was still clumsy with new baby, Lorelie. Bathtime seemed to be the worst. With winter coming she was afraid she might freeze the child to death. Thank goodness, Ash was there to help. Was there anything he couldn't do?

He made dinner and lunch and breakfast too. He was always on top of it. Sometimes, she was nervous just watching him. But he was working, doing the best on his scholarship.

It was as if everyone was moving so quickly around her, but her.

"Well, you'll get the hang of it, sooner or later."Ash didn't make much of it.

She had to admit, Lorelie was a good baby. Lola didn't have any problems with her blood pressure now. Everything was back to normal, or was it?

She felt so drained. Her confidence was low. All she wanted to do was to rock the baby and stay put, close to the baby's bed.

"But, you have to keep moving." Naturally, Daisy thought Lola needed to be out and about more. She made regular visits and took Lola out shopping, at least once a week.

Lola looked at Daisy who was so thin, How did she do it? She was taking morning classes, working at the diner at night and always seemed to know what do with her baby.

Lola doubted she'd ever lose the baby fat like Daisy, yet Daisy was right. She did need to keep moving. And it helped to have a board in place to remember all the things she needed to keep on schedule. Lola finally found the easiest thing to do in the morning was to get in the shower with Lorelie. Finally, something felt right.


cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

Lola will figure things out - it just takes a bit of time.


Sara Gerard said...

Uncle Rowdy seems cool!

Launna said...

I am glad uncle Rowdy is being so friendly with Connor, that is nice :)

I am sure if Lola gives it a little time she will be able to handle it....

Ivy said...

Sweet. Its good to see Bree have family around her.