Thursday, December 18, 2014

breaking free

Breaking Free prt.1

Sky hated to think what he heard on Thanksgiving night after everyone left. The walls were thin in his grandfather's house. Well..father's house. It was hard to get used,too. Especially, when he had to still call him Gramps.

Draco and his mother got in argument over Charlie.

"YOU LIED TO ME!" The words echoed through Sky as he did his best not to have another seething headache. But he was in a thin coat now walking in the falling snow.

It was the meds. He guessed. The headaches. He wanted to be off this stuff. He didn't want it. He never wanted it. He didn't feel like himself around Josie, and she meant everything to him.

He thought of how Draco fought back with angry words. After his mother pointed out that it was his own family that Draco had put in this predicament. How could he let the mother of his child go to jail for him? Draco had no intentions of ever really taking care of Lily.

Was it possible Sky could be that guy? Just like Draco?

But he hadn't let go of the meds Thanksgiving night. Not like he wanted too.

Now he carried the prescription drug with him as he walked through the snow, feeling nothing. Actually, he didn't even know where he was going, until he reached Josie's street.

It was twilight out. Maybe she wasn't even home. He couldn't even feel the cold. Honestly, he wasn't sure he felt anything anymore. But he rang the doorbell and luckily, Josie answered.

"How did you get here?" She asked.

"I walked." He finally confessed. "I need to talk to you."

breaking free prt.2

Josie didn't like the sound of that.

"All right." She let him in. She was taking care of Carrie, who had pulled her toddler body up to the coffee table. Josie looked back to make certain Carrie was still there. "What's wrong?"

"I dunno." He winced. "Nothing feels right. I mean, I've tried this stuff for a long time now. I'm thinking I'm.."

"What?" Josie hoped he didn't freak her out. She went to her sister and plopped down on the rug. If Carrie squatted, Josie would catch her. But Carrie was steady and determined with her pacifier in her mouth to get on the coffee table.

"I'm getting fat."

Josie didn't mean to laugh.

"You, are kidding, right?" She looked at him as he sat down on the couch.

"Remember that trip?" He made their roadtrip sound like years ago, not a couple of months. "We..we should have just gone for it. You know." He looked at her, as if he regretted not having intercourse with her.

"But.." She didn't know how to explain it. "Its..its not that big of a deal." She did love being with him. They were close. Cuddling was comforting and  genuine."You said you wanted to wait. As in... marriage."

He nodded. She knew he still felt that way. Deep down.

"I don't want to take these, anymore. I should have never got them. In the first place." He got up with the bottle of pills and went to the kitchen.

Josie picked up Carrie, who really was working hard to get up on the coffee table.

Before Josie knew it, the trash compacter was on and Sky rinsed the pills down the drain.

"Can I stay with you, you know, see if..if I'll be all right?" He asked then.

"Of course." She winced taking the bottle from him. She looked for phone numbers. Just in case she needed to call the hospital.


cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

Oh, I hope everything turns out okay with Sky.


Ivy said...

He's getting a little crazy already. Hopefully not.

Launna said...

I hope Sky will be okay... he needs a break, I am glad Josie is going to let him stay...