Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Begin again

begin again

Jax shut his eyes tight while he was in the hot shower. What a lovely dream it was, in fact..he stayed under the hot water a lot longer than he intended. Naturally, it was Archie in his head and he ended up banging his head against the steamy baby blue tiles in frustration.

If only Archie could have stayed around, but he left before Jax ever warmed the water.

A part of Jax felt quite useless. He knew Bash was patience and they laughed. He did like hanging out with him. Maybe it didn't matter if he was not the one. They could do this one thing. Maybe.

He really hadn't talked about it, and Bash didn't bring it up. After all, the Frenchman was good company. He could drink. They could get high. Bash made the best brownies ever. And there were the video games.

The fact remained, Jax knew he best get back to reality. And this thing Archie had with Iggy was definitely going to turn into something final. He knew Archie was destined to get hitched. After all, he knew deep down, Archie wanted a family. A real family he could call his own.

Archie was thrifty and his savings account was swelling. Damn, if his best mate couldn't put a down payment on a house, already. Archie had never spent a dime of his mother's inheritance.

Jax knew any day, he'd wake up to find out that Archie and Iggy moved to the burbs where the new houses were and Archie would have the job he always wanted.

If only Jax could be more like Archie and not want this one little thing from him.

Jax cut himself with a razor in the shower. It was an accident, but his finger bled anyway.

Naturally the only word came to mind. F-ck.

Oh, how he hated to see the sight of his own blood. He got out and wrapped a towel around himself and went to wash what he could of the blood. But someone was tapping on the door.

Before he knew it, there was Bash standing in the kitchen. He was wearing a mustache. Jax laughed.

"What the..f-ck." He laughed so hard his towel almost came undone.

But his hand was still bleeding.

Bash went to tend to it. He stopped the bleeding and bandaged it.

"That is not real. It is not." Jax couldn't get over the silliest mustache he'd ever seen.

"I will never tell." Those bedroom eyes of Bash's were sleepy. Perhaps.

Finally, they kissed in the kitchen. Jax was letting go. And the mustache was much softer than he presumed.


Launna said...

... Awe... I hope Jax really does let go, it isn't easy but a necessity... You write so beautifully Ellie xox

cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

It's nice to see Jax relaxing for once.


Sara Gerard said...

I think Jax and Bash might be good for each other.