Tuesday, December 16, 2014

That's not it

That's not it

Iggy was everything Archie hoped she would be even if Jax said she was quite bossy.

Archie didn't care. Nothing phased him. He was so happy that she wanted him. She did. And it was for real.

His mind was clear of Maybe. Archie didn't even care what happened to her and that bloke from Australia. As it was they'd gone off to see his family for the holidays. Naturally, she told them at their farewell that the next time they saw her she would quite possibly be a married lady.

Oh, to be a part of the circle. It was quite delightful. And Iggy stayed over. Helped around the house. But she was doing things with Molly at the moment. Christmas shopping.

"Ordering you around, more like it, mate!" There went Jax again, fed up with having to take out the trash and clean the cupboards, too.

"She means well." Archie was on cloud nine. Perhaps he was sleepwalking through this affair with Iggy, but he'd always wanted a girl. One who would especially call  him LOVER. Archie grinned with a sigh as he thought of her softness and those amazing lips of hers.

"Yeah, of course she does." Jax was snide as usual. Maybe he was working too much with his dog walking service. He didn't spend weekends helping Archie's dad anymore. Someone took priority.

Archie bit his bottom lip as he did his best to clear the clutter in the kitchen. Yes, there was an infestation of fruit flies. No more recycling. They didn't have time for it. Everything was trash.

"Is Bash coming this weekend?" Archie wanted to know.

He barely got a shrug out of Jax who was so aloof these days. His head was usually in a computer game, but sometimes, he saw that Jax was chatting with someone, online. When Bash was over, they played video games for hours. Was that all they were doing? Archie closed his eyes. Did he dare ask?

"Are you getting him anything for Christmas?" Archie hadn't done much Christmas shopping. He might need help from Iggy. Lord knows, what he'd get her.

"Yeah, maybe." Jax made a face, as if he might be indifferent on the matter. "Depends. We haven't talked about it."

"What should I get Iggy?" Archie looked at Jax trying to figure his best mate out. Did it really matter if he had a beau? Of course,  Jax was in black boxers on the step ladder, going through the cabinets.

"What ever you like. Possibly something that will cost loads of cash, I reckon."  Jax sniffed at something that was open and a bunch of fruit flies flew up his nose.

He lost his balance, and Archie caught him before he hit the floor.

"Thanks, bro."

His flesh was so hot and he really was all muscle. The sensation stung Archie, but he flinched in return. No way could he possibly have feelings for his best mate. Never.

"What is it?" Jax touched his forehead but Archie didn't want his touch.

"Nothing." Archie shivered. He was certain of it. His throat filled with a nasty sourness he couldn't rid himself of. "I-I..I really need to get to the shops. Think this through..you know, what to get Iggy."

"Right." Jax nodded. He said he needed to shower. Bash might be coming over.

"A shower?" Archie squinted hard wondering when had Jax ever cleaned up for anyone.


Launna said...

It seems too difficult to know who each other likes... no one seems to want to share if they like someone since they are never sure if they like another... love is complicated...

cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

Jax is definitely changing if a shower is involved! :P


Ivy said...

Archie may feel more than friendship.