Monday, December 29, 2014

from time to time

From Time to Time

Nico watched the football game with his Dad. Naturally, his dad was of few words, but Nico guessed he was getting better after his stroke.

He felt sure his eyes would glaze over before his father's did. This had to be the fourth game they'd watched. It seemed endless. He'd never told his Dad how much he hated the game. Yes, his father thought he was someone else. He didn't have an inkling who Nico really was. And now as Nico watched his Dad in his favorite seat in the house, in front of the flat screen TV, he wondered if he knew the man.

"Where's Sky?" His father said with a burst of energy. He'd asked this question last hour and the hour before.

"You know, he is with his girlfriend." Nico said loud enough.

"Girlfriend?" He looked a Nico strangely.


"Josie." His father said as if he knew. He wasn't completely absent minded. He was quiet then. Nico suspected they would go through this at least one more time. His mom was off reading on her tablet and Lily his neice was asleep. Of course, no one knew where Draco was, but he was still crashing here when he felt like it.

"Where's your friend?" His dad said with a little gusto and half smile. The stroke had left him slow and sometimes his emotions weren't in sync, but he did his best to stay polite.

"Mitch?" Nico winced wondering why his dad was bringing him up. Mitch didn't come to dinner. As it was, the Christmas dinner was from a nearby grocery store. Lily's mother dropped it off for them when she brought Lily her presents. Nico felt a little sad that she didn't stay. Instead, she'd stayed in the kitchen to talk with Lily for a few minutes while Draco was taking over the TV at the time, like a bear who'd been woken in the middle of his hybernation.

Actually, it had been a rather lonely dinner.

"He's still your friend?" His father turned his neck as far as he could to look Nico in the eye.

"Yes, he's still my friend." Nico nodded, not sure if he should bring up the fact that he'd moved in with him.

His father made an odd smile that looked more of a grimace, somehow.

"Good." His father managed, and then took a hold of Nico's hand. Nico studied his father's tender fingers. These were the hands that caught the bad guys. He had no problem when it came to shooting someone when he was a police officer.

Nico thought of how afraid he was of his father when he was little, but he was a dad who never made him cut his hair and let him play soccer over football.

"Everybody. Needs. Someone." His father's voice forced the words.

"Right." Nico nodded. "We'll come to Sunday dinner, OK?" Nico felt for sure he was smiling too much as he bit his bottom lip. But his father knew. Maybe he'd always known him. All along.

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I'm so happy to get the Christmas CD! I so love Kelly's music. Yummy goodness from Hershey! The Snowman makeup wipes are so needed. And believe me, that HANDWARMER is just what I needed here in the cold Heartland. And last but not least is the glitter nail polish from CIATE which seems to be impossible to find in my neck of the woods!

Thank you so much, Lauren!


Launna said...

Nico's father seems to know a little more than Nico thinks... ;)

cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

Awww...I love everything Lauren sent you - I sent both of my swap partners those Ciate ornament balls as well. Haha! The CD looks amazing!


SuperLux said...

Cute. This is indeed a December to remember. :)

Shooting Stars Mag said...

Yay, I'm glad that you enjoyed everything. thanks for all my goodies as well (I posted on Saturday). I love Kelly's music too. :)