Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Here and There

here and there prt.1

It was true, Carson felt scattered. He didn't exactly live at his Dad's place. There was still some of his stuff left at Henry's too. Although, Vada's boyfriend was staying there now and yeah, Carson felt a little kicked out.

He didn't really want to live with his Dad, Ren and Gage. But he'd managed through the holiday. It was nice, even though, it felt forced. At least, there was Charlie to always go too.

"You, have to accept the fact, you have a father who wants to get to know you." Charlie looked at him as if it were pure honesty.

"How in the world did you ever get mixed up with Draco, again?" Carson winced hard and wanted to forget that whole mess.

"I know he's not the best guy on the planet, and love is blind, but then you wake up." She was even lipped about it.

Carson nodded as if he understood. But what in the world could she have ever seen in him?

They were back at Mitch's and in her room. It was right where he wanted to be. Of course, she was going through some photos that Nico took at Christmas.  He'd gone by the drugstore and made copies for her from the computer center.

Carson could tell it was the best Christmas present anyone could give Charlie. He just wanted to giver her more. Like marriage and a family. But he was really going to have to find THAT job which would make it happen.

Here and There prt.2

Archie didn't like the fact that his Dad wouldn't stop harping about Jax. Why wasn't he here for the holiday dinner?

His dad questioned him. Was it because of that bird Izzy he was seeing?

"Has she been bullying him?" His dad winced with concern. All though, his dad could possibly be a little drunk from all the Christmas brandy he was drinking.

"What? No!" Archie snapped. He told his Dad he was being down right rude now. Izzy would never be capable of bullying.

"Well, I liked you better with Jax." His Dad confessed.

Of course, Archie was in a huff. Being here wasn't really much more than having an ugly Christmas sweater party. He got out his mobile and rang Jax.

"Wassup?" Jax sounded high as a kite.

"Jesus!" Archie was steamed with his flatmate. "What are you doing?"

"Hav'n me-self a blast." He giggled with a slight cough.

"Is Bash with you?" Archie swelled a frown.

"Uh-huh." Jax was yawning then.

"What did you two do?"

"Don't think you want to know, man?" Even Jax sounded too disgusted to speak of it.

"That flat better be in tip-top shape, mate!" Archie found himself demanding then. Why did relationships have to mess up Jax so?


Launna said...

I hope Carson gets 'that' job when the time is right for him... he really has dealt with a lot this year...

cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

Jax always winds up in the most peculiar of situations!


Ivy said...

Good to see Carson is growing up..now if Jax can grow up. But then..maybe Archie is too grown up.