Friday, December 5, 2014

Just some minor adjustments

just some minor adjustments prt.1

Halie hadn't meant to let Dustin in her miserable life, but things slipped back as if they were meant to be.

"I needed him, you know. I couldn't just stare at Gage and that girlfriend of his, Macy." She made it sound like a battle of some kind when she was in the live chat on Thanksgiving. She unraveled what she could of the situation to Josie who was on Facetime with her. "I didn't really want to say anything to Gage."

"So are you and Dusty, OK?" Josie wanted to know.

"Guess." She didn't really believe it, but he seemed happy to be with her. If only she could let herself be happy. Of course, not a word from Archie or Jax. She figured as much. She knew Jax would certainly forget. She should let it go, too. "Dusty is trying to talk me into going to the Uni, again. This time to meet up with Jax's ex and her new boy. Seems, he thinks it would be much better if we stayed with them. I dunno what's got into him."

Halie wanted to put him off. No way, was she letting her mum keep Alec. "What about you? Any holiday plans?" Halie knew she'd talked enough about herself.

"I can't think of any." That's when Josie mentioned Sky being an uncle and his brother Draco's ex showing up on Thanksgiving night. "Maybe..maybe I can get Sky to go out with Carson and Charlie. I don't really know her, but she seems nice."

just some minor adjustments prt. 2

Josie wasn't even sure where things really stood with her and Sky, lately. He was distant. He had been for a while now. She guessed they were still OK. He'd moved in with his Dad now. Still he called him Gramps.

His step-mom had been really good to him. Of course, he wasn't talking to his mom. Even if he was on meds. At least he was working. And she guessed they were friends. He'd wanted her to be with him at Thanksgiving. She didn't want to give up on him now. She couldn't.

"I just feel so bad for Charlie, but she's an old friend of Carson's." Josie told Halie.

"I wish I'd met Carson instead of Gage." Halie shrugged as if Carson was the good one, not Gage.

"Quit being silly." Josie smiled. She knew they both had to be patient. Although, it was easier said than done.


cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

Patience can be a difficult virtue.


Anonymous said...

Its always good to have someone to talk too. Especially, to share your ups and downs and even what if's.

SuperLux said...

We all need that someone to help us get through.

Sara Gerard said...

I am glad that Halie and Josie talked, I feel like both of them have a lot going on!