Saturday, December 6, 2014

in the mix

in the mix

Jax hated being the third wheel. Or was that the fifth wheel?

Yes, he wanted to bail, but it was too late. There was Archie and the new lass Iggy that was an old friend of Maybe's. Well, he hadn't really listened when Archie introduced her. Jax was seething, but he'd kept his cool. It was what it was. Archie really was smittened by the silly faced girl. Jax really couldn't see it lasting, but here he was in the mix out at the pub before the concert.

Naturally Molly was all giddy with Dole and Archie wasn't much better with Iggy. They really were all over each other.

Jax tried his best not to be too bug-eyed about it. And then some bloke with a thick French accent asked him to dance. For a moment, he wanted to hit the snake-eyed looker in the eye, but he needed to get away from all the laughter. So they danced. Of course, it wasn't anything close. And Jax did his best to follow.

The music was electric and it was good to be in the sound, no matter how pathetic he might have moved. He was thinking then he'd found his own beat, and he was in a sweat before he realized how warm the atmosphere could be.

When the song ended, The Frenchie took his hand and they went out into the cold. It was a pleasant surprise to be in the crisp night air. It was just what Jax needed.

"Sebastian." He offered his name as he lit a thin cigarette and took a drag, and passed it to Jax. "But everyone calls me, Bash."

Jax only nodded as he didn't hesitate to inhale what was given to him. It was smooth and rather intoxicating. Jax couldn't help but laugh. He managed to say he was Jax.

"Seriously." Bash's smile almost winked at him. "Cool."

They smoked until the cigarette ashed. It was quiet. Jax didn't know what to say. Bash stamped out the cigarette. "My English is not half bad." He assured him.

"Yeah." Jax still stumbled for words. Like did he come here often? Did he even live around here?  Before he knew it, Bash bought him a lager and a brandy to chase it with.

Jax only smiled. He'd never considered those two drinks together.

Naturally, Molly was giving him a look that he better not start on a bender.

"What?" Jax was bitter then. "You, guys go on without me." Maybe this was exactly where he wanted to be.

Her frown puffed as she looked to Archie to stop him.

"Come on, we have an extra ticket." Archie reminded him.

"You, want to hear Johnny Flynn?" Jax couldn't imagine Bash being interested in a folk singer who was at a small venue at the playhouse down the street.

"Why not?" Bash smirked ever so slyly.

Jax rolled his eyes.

"You know, you don't want to spoil it for your mates." Bash looked him in the eye.

Jax guessed he could do this, but seriously, was he ready to go out and about as a puff?


Vanessa Morgan said...

This is really cute. Have a lovely weekend.

Anonymous said...

Interesting. I like the name Bash.

cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

I wish he had more confidence.