Sunday, December 7, 2014

what stories are made of

what stories are made of

"I wish somebody would buy me a house." Eli chuckled as he waited for his sister Martha to grab a few more lemons for her hot tea at Panera's.

As it was, he was having a green smoothie, even if it was getting bitter cold with a chance of snow.

"What kind of person does that?" She winced as if she thought Garvin might be mental as they settled in a back booth in the middle of the afternoon.

Eli didn't believe it for a second that Martha could write off Garvin so easily.

"You?  Still hung up on that work husband of yours?" He wondered if that was what was keeping her from saying yes to the marriage preposal.

"What work husband?' She squinted harder as if he didn't know anything.

Eli only smiled at her as if she were the worst liar in the world.

"Oh, please, you know you love it. Two guys want you." Eli smirked.

"You, are so wrong. Entirely wrong." She pouted a small frown.

"OK, think about it. You, moving away from home. Finding a new life here." Eli sighed. He wished he knew what do with his own life. He was thankful for the job he had in radio and it was great they were helping him with his classes. But gaining wealth was as slow as riding a turtle's back as far as he was concerned.

"I can't. I..I do love my job." She sounded as if it was set in stone.

"But don't you want to be with Garvin?" Eli asked. He knew he couldn't think of going it alone. He needed Deiter even if they did fuss half the time. Still he was happy with Deiter.

"I'm kind of used to being..I dunno..alone."

"You, aren't really alone." Eli corrected her. "You, have Mom and the sisters." He thought it was them keeping her from happiness.

"What? Are you daring me now?" She looked at him as if he seeing her as some little sheltered girl.

"Maybe I am." He smirked once more. He did want his sister to have an adventure.


cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

There is nothing wrong with a little adventure from time to time.


deb said...

But gaining wealth was as slow as riding a turtle's back as far as he was concerned.
- I loved that line!

Anonymous said...

I love the way you wrote this about these 2 siblings.