Friday, December 26, 2014

lets talk about Derrick

Lets talk about Derrick

Camille was totally exhausted. What was she thinking cooking most of Christmas eve and then going to Derrick and Rossie's with Christmas dinner along with a load of presents.

But that smile on Derrick's face was priceless.

Still, she didn't know if he forgave her, or maybe nobody had to forgive anyone.

Well, she did feel bad about Mitch and maybe it would have been a good idea to have brought him a basket of something, but it felt more like an after thought now.

Now, she needed a nap and maybe she'd let Duncan make the leftover turkey soup and use the leftover ham for mac and cheese surprise.

"God, why did I make so much food?" All the dirty dishes. She was a little mad at herself. One moment, she felt like the most giving person on earth, but for what?

"I'm on it." Josie was getting the casserole pans on to soak. No way could the dishwasher attack this mess. And there was Sky who was helping along, but he got side tracked when Carrie started to fuss.

"Yes, you've been a good girl all day." Camille sighed as she watched Sky pick her up from the stroller. He went to change her pamper.

"Really, Rossie's place is nice." Camille hugged herself trying to put herself in positive mode once again. Maybe that was what was most tiring. Trying to stay happy.

"Look, they are fine. And Derrick thanked us. And so did Rossie." Duncan mentioned as he was taking care of what was left of the turkey. They'd left plenty for Derrick and Rossie.

"But.." Camille sighed. "Do you really think we'll ever be close to them?"

Camille wanted Rossie to confide in her. Was she really OK that Derrick was living with her? Did she feel safe? Were they really OK? Why did it all have to be such a big mystery?

"I dunno." Duncan sighed and looked at her as if she couldn't fix the whole world, especially in a day.

"What did you think?" Camille asked Josie as she went to make coffee. Yes, maybe coffee would keep her going. Camille decided on decaff because otherwise she'd be up all night.

"I dunno, it was kind of weird." Josie was straight lipped as if maybe the whole event dampened her Christmas spirit.

Camille knew Josie loved looking at her stack of presents on Christmas morning and would sometimes take the whole day or more to open them. She was distant that way. She always had been little miss solemn when it came to the holidays. While Camille ooed and awed over every little present. Especially, homemade ones. She always loved that Josie crocheted, but this year Josie didn't make anything.

Camille supposed Josie might be a little depressed because her boyfriend had been depressed and probably still was, but he was amazing with Carrie and well, she did trust him. She just did. Maybe more than Josie.

"I just didn't know what to say. To either of them." Josie looked at her mother then as they both watched MR. COFFEE do its thing. She went to get the Fat-Free cream.

"It just takes some getting used to, but I think Derrick's on the right track. And you know, he doesn't seem too over the top." Camille went to get cups. "Remember, when he would be like 90 to nothing, sometimes. It was crazy. Like he couldn't do anything unless he was just zooming around, keeping busy. And then he would be all zapped. It might take him weeks to get in any sort of routine." She shrugged.

"Who are you talking about?" Sky was back with Carrie and she smelled fresh with baby powder scent.


"He's bi-polar." Josie just said.

"We don't know that for sure." Camille winced with a sigh. "He's been through a lot." Somehow, Camille thought she'd had this conversation before. Maybe with Sky. She looked at him.

"Mom, he..he just has these patterns." Josie went to pour coffee. She acted as if he'd never be fixed.

Camille knew they should stop talking about him. It was what it was. And there was only so much she could do.


cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

Talking about him may not be the worst thing for Josie.


Launna said...

Josie should talk about it with someone... it could help...