Saturday, December 27, 2014

You and Me

You and Me

Macy fell asleep in Gage's arms on the couch at her house. He was suppose to be watching the football game, but she woke up when her phone played a One Direction song and Gage was lightly snoring.

She knew it was Dusty.

"What's up?" She walked on to the bathroom and shut the door behind her. She yawned thinking now she did have to pee, but she couldn't with Dustin on the phone. "Did you make it to all those pubs?"

"God, no." He sighed. "So did you get a lot of prezzies?"

"Yeah, a few." Gage gave her a silver heart that she clasp now around her neck. "How about you?"

"Socks. Lots of socks and undies." He told her. "And..and..well, I think I know how you feel..about finding out you had a brother you didn't know you had."

Macy winced thinking she'd been asleep for part of what Dusty said. She sat down on the tub and winced.


"His name is Felix and..and he's about five or six years older than me." Dusty told her.

"Woo..what did you do?" Macy wanted to know.

"I don't think I said a thing. Like, is this a trick?"

"Where did you meet him?" Macy asked if he'd met his brother at a Pub. He told her he was waiting for him at Halie's. "I dunno what to think, but I father has money." He slightly laughed as if that would be impossible. "And I guess Felix wants us to meet, some time next year."

"Like when?" Macy found herself excited for him.

"I'm really not holding my breath, on this one." It sounded like a promise. As if he couldn't let his mother down.

"It might turn out better than you think." Macy smiled. But she had to go. She really did need to use the bathroom.

me and you

Scott wasn't sure where it was all going with Essie. Yes, they'd had a fine time running through the grocery store last minute for Christmas items and they'd settled later for a marathon of Christmas movies on Netflix. Meanwhile, they talked about Jesus.

It was kind of funny. Scott had to admit. Perhaps it wasn't all that deep and maybe he'd sabotaged religion as a whole, but maybe God was everywhere and we just didn't know it. And Jesus was a whole lot earthier than any of us wanted to admit.

"Granted, I listen to a lot of Sufjan Stevens, but he is really religious." He insisted even if he might have put his foot in his mouth, yet she didn't let him eat his own words.

Then was time in the wee hours of the morning when they began to discuss beds. He told her she really did need to save her money. Especially, with a baby coming.

First they'd decided she could just stay here. That's when the bed came up. She didn't have one and he'd have to clean out the cluttered basement too. Still, he hated the thought of keeping a pregnant girl in the basement. That just sounded like the worst B rated horror movie ever.

"Are you thinking about writing a screenplay or something?" Essie asked.

"No." Scott winced with his arms crossed. But he was pretty sure he could write one better than some of those indie movies he watched. And that's when they went to look at his bed.

His bed was king sized.

"Its big..its really big." He nodded with a sigh.

"Well, you're really tall."

"Yeah." He shrugged back. "I didn't want my feet to hang off."


When she said it, it was sort of like bells going off in his inner conscience..and yet he might have liked the tune of it, but not in a dark way.

"I really don't use all of it." He kept hugging himself as if he was trying to understand the logistics. "I mean..I really wouldn't touch you." He looked at her blankly.

"I thought so." She looked at him and then asked what side of the bed he slept on. He said the right, because it was closest to the door. "But I'm actually left-handed."

"You..sure..they don't want you to come home?" He really wished he knew more about Essie's folks. He still kept thinking he was guessing about Essie.

"Its not a good time." She shook her head.

"Well, it is almost 2 in the morning." He yawned. And with that, it was probably the best sleep he'd gotten in a long time.


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Awww...Scott and Essie are so adorable.


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I like Scott and Essie together, they are sweet ♡