Sunday, December 14, 2014

Making peace

making peace

Macy knew she'd have to keep this a secret from Gage, who would probably go as mental as Dusty thought he was.

It was weird, hearing from Halie's boyfriend. It wasn't like Macy saw him as a new love interest. And yet, she felt OK about everything going wrong in her life. Even the arrival of the brother she never met.

She made pancakes and sausages that morning for breakfast. It was nice to have everyone at the table. Of course, it would have been even better to have her grandmother there, too. She was getting better. She was eating now. She knew their faces, but kept talking about when she was young and some boyfriend named Eddie.

But Macy was glad they could at least see her grandmother on the weekends. And Dickey was cordial. He even helped with the dishes after breakfast.

"So Dickey.." She was going to ask him some good questions liked Dusty convinced her to do. She was going to try to get to know him.

"Oh..don't call me Dickey." Her brother looked as her as if she'd hit a nerve. "Rico. My friends call me Rico." His smile was genuine.

"Rico." She smiled back. "So do you play any sports?"

She found out he liked soccer over football any day. "And there is the World Wrestling Federation." He was always up for that kind of show. He'd even gone to some live events.

"Dad, is stuck on Dickey." He sighed. She supposed her Dad was the only one who could call him that. After all, her Dad's father had called her father by that name too. According to Rico. She didn't really know her father's family.

After all, her father joined the military to get citizenship. She wasn't sure if Rico even had citizenship. She didn't ask. After all, he talked about Corpus Christie and the beach. He so missed the beach, but he was glad to be here because he'd missed their dad.


cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

I'm glad that they're getting to know each other.


Launna said...

Awe, it is nice that they are connecting... I like that ;)