Saturday, December 13, 2014

searching low

Searching low

Dustin wasn't one to go behind anyone's back, but here he was in the wee morning hours texting someone he'd just met. And she wasn't even nearby.

"You, have to give him a chance." He texted back as if he might be Macy's long lost brother. What was it about her to make him feel that way? He did enjoy her company because at the moment it was quite complicated with Halie. And if he could help Macy out with this brother of hers, well..he was at least doing something. He guessed.

He laid back on his bed, thinking how fresh their little, one on one, live chat had been a few weeks ago during that American holiday. Perhaps, it was a day of reflection. Oh, he was reflecting a lot lately. What in the world was going on with Halie?

First the cold shoulder, and next she needed him by her side. Especially, when it came to Gage.

"Dunno if I should ask, but.." He hated to start anything about this notion with Macy. "But do you think Gage is using you?"

Next thing he knew, Macy was on the phone with him.

Oh, he couldn't help but smile at the American voice on the phone.

"Are you, all right?" She asked.

It felt so nice to hear that question. No one ever asked.

"Oh, perhaps. Its just. Sometimes, I don't think Halie needs me at all." Dusty then said.

"She's crazy if she doesn't." Macy sighed. "Really, Gage is just a big baby. He swears he's got a whole neighborhood inside him."

"What?" Dusty winced. "Is he mental?"

"I dunno. I doubt it. He just says freaking crap to me, Just to shock me. He can be a real butt-head." She told Dustin.

He only smiled wishing Halie could talk to him as freely as Macy did. Perhaps, that's why Gage was so comfortable to tell her everything.

Just listen

Scott focused on the grilled cheese sandwich sizzling in the buttered skillet.

A part of him felt he was right back where he started from, with Essie. But he wasn't sure if he should go there. After all, it had been like an endurance test of some sort..the last day or so. And here she was at his house. No, he just couldn't put his foot down, about anything with her.

"There are about two things I can actually make." He handed over the sandwich on a plate and a bowl of tomato soup, there in his small eat in kitchen. Scott watched her eat the two things he did know how to make. He went to get cups of hot tea.

Just what was he supposed to do now? Essie wouldn't admit to anything.

"I mean, its good news..isn't it?" He reminded her that it wasn't quite as devastating as she thought. She hadn't lost the baby, after all. There was a strong heartbeat. He was even there for the sonogram.

It was amazing to something so spectacular, hibernating like a dream at work, barely the size of a peanut.

 She was anemic and desperately needed some iron.

Scott hadn't meant to get caught up in all this, but he didn't want her to be alone. After all, he knew where she was, with him, not on the streets somewhere in the cold.

Her once smile was now lost as she put down the sandwich that oozed with gooey cheese.

"Essie, your parents need to know." He thought for sure by now there would be some sort of bulletin on the local news asking about a missing girl. Not that he'd checked, but it was the last thing he needed, harboring a missing girl. After all, she'd slept on his livingroom couch.

She swelled a pout as if she couldn't talk about it.

"Look, this is not going to go away." He looked at her wide-eyed. "I know for a fact that you don't want to get rid of it. But I know it's still a burden. Its can't be that bad with your family. It can't."

"I don't want to listen to what they have to say." She sighed, as if they'd kill her yet. "I can't go back." She shook her head.

"OK." Scott pressed his lips tight.. Sooner or later she was going to have to deal with her parents. Or was it? He was going to have to deal with her parents.


cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

Either way, someone's got to deal with them. :/


Ivy said...

Scott is so sweet. I hope she's thankful she's got him.

Launna said...

I don't think Macy has a clue who she wants... I think she needs to figure that out first, somehow...

Scott seems like such a great guy, wanting to help Essie out... ;)