Friday, December 12, 2014

tea and talk

Tea and Talk

No doubt about it, Halie was shocked when Molly and Iggy showed up with presents for the baby. Actually, a basket full.

"We didn't get to see the kiddie when you and Dusty were at the Uni. You, left before we had a chance." Molly was all smiles. Evidently, Dustin showed them both loads of photos of Alec on his phone when he was at the party that Halie missed.

"Oh." Halie winced wondering just what he'd told them.

"Well, where is your man?" Iggy wanted to know.

"At work." She smiled as if she'd do her best to go along with this. As it was, her mum wouldn't be home for a couple of hours. It was just her and Alec.

"He's such a great Dad, how did you find him?" Both girls were curious.

Halie wasn't exactly sure she wanted to explain anything. They looked around the livingroom at the pictures. Most of her Mum and Alec. Her Mum with  Jules and some of just Halie. She felt sad now that she didn't even have a snapshot of Dusty.

"I thought for sure, there would be tons of wedding photos." Molly, of course, wanted to look at the real deal in his carriage. Finally, Halie let Molly hold Alec.

"We're not married." She best not start a tale she could no way unwind. She went to make tea.

"But he's with you and the babe, right?" Molly made it sound so cozy.

"Of course." Yet she winced hoping they didn't want to see her room. They'd know for sure no man would want to live with all those stuff animals and other girly things she kept.

Finally, she managed a little party in the livingroom with packaged cakes she barely got out of the box.

"You and Dusty must come back to the Uni. We'd have so much fun." Iggy assured her.

They wanted to be her friend.

"I dunno. Alec was a handful." Halie confessed. She coudln't see it getting any easier.

"You, must come back." Molly was serious. "You'll stay with Dole and me. We do have a real guestroom." She told her she could only imagine just how bad it was at Archie and Jax's place.

"Jax found him a Frenchie, you know." Iggy was all giggly then, saying it was only a matter of time. She and Archie could find their own place. Jax probably wanted to be with Bash.

"Really?" Halie was surprised. Oh, she wanted to go to the Uni to meet Bash.


cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

It seems like everyone wants to be with Bash.


Vanessa Morgan said...

This is cute. You should turn this into a book.

Launna said...

I think Halie shouldn't rush into any decision too quickly... she has a lot on her plate already...