Monday, January 26, 2015

a little too late

a little too late

Connor hoped it was not too late. He didn't want it to be, but most of January was frozen. Not a thaw in sight. Surly, Bree was busy too.

He felt like a turtle lately, deep in his shell. He was doing his best at school. Had  his head in a book most days.

The holidays were more like boot camp than anything. He was sent to his grandparents. His cell got taken away. He thought he'd never get it back. After all, Connor felt he was the one being punished instead of his brother.

And then, Samantha showed up, out of the blue. She used to be his babysitter, although, he suspected she'd been involved with his brother. She asked so many questions about Jared. She was going to the University now. All this catching up which amounted to more touchy feely stuff than he wanted. And it always went back to Jared.

What was wrong with Samantha? Didn't she get it? His brother was disturbed. Jared killed someone. He was going to jail. There was no way around it.

And there was no time to make for Bree, lately. By the time he did, she wouldn't take his texts. She wouldn't even answer her voice mail.

So he decided to just show up.

"Long time, no see." Rowdy grinned from ear to ear when he greeted Connor. Of course, he called for Bree, but she didn't budge.

Connor could hear a video game in the livingroom. He couldn't imagine Bree playing a video game.

And then, he saw HIM. Bree was with a boy. Just an ordinary boy.

He winced, trying not to give away, how hurt he felt.

What was Bree doing with HIM?


Launna said...

Hmm... I wonder who Bree is with... she should talk to Connor, even if it is to end it. Leaving things unsaid are very hurtful, I know...

cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

Unleash the drama...