Wednesday, January 7, 2015

are we good

are we good was true, Eli was probably never a really good brother until now, but somehow he'd managed with his little sister and his boyfriend all through the holidays. Effy was practically living with him now, if she wasn't with her girlfriend.

"How long, do you think, it will last?" Deiter asked as he rinsed a dish and handed it to Eli to dry.

"Don't you think that's the exact same question that comes to mind, to anyone who knows us." It wasn't the most romantic holiday. He thought they would be married by now, but someone was suddenly dragging his delicate toes, no less.

Eli glared at Deiter as if he knew exactly what the problem was. Deiter was homesick. Nothing was to his satisfaction. If they were in Germany, it would be so much better.

"Why can't she just move in with the girl, and get it over with?" Deiter pressed as if it was fine and dandy for everyone to move on, except him.

Eli rolled his eyes and dried another dish. He knew it was just talk. And Deiter talked it up, a lot about everyone and everything that was wrong, but of course, he was perfect. After all, it was Deiter's Yoga Studio.

Deiter was a different person around his clients. Oh so cheery and pleased with everyone and the day he was having. Yet, Eli was certain he got the brunt of his bad feelings. What ever negative there was in Deiter's world..well..Eli was sure to know.

He'd figured him out, but he couldn't think of leaving him. After all, he'd sat for hours, helping with Deiter to get his green card. And now, Deiter was set on making a life here. Perhaps, but there was Germany in that head of his.

"I miss it so much." He'd broke down more than once. The smell was different here. America was full of too much fast food. And the doctors, oh so horrid.

Yes, Eli's silence wore on.

There went his sister giggling, again. She was on the phone with Martha.

"Guess what!" She was all smiles now.

Eli looked up to see Effy's girlfriend leaning against the kitchen doorway.

For the first time, Eli realize Effy was getting more of a man than either of them.

"What?" Eli couldn't help but pout.

"Martha's getting married! We're all to meet up at Lena's to discuss it." Her big eyes were full of innocence, just like Eli always remembered. No doubt about it, no one was changing Effy.


Launna said...

I don't think Eli should settle... he should want to be with someone who will be kind and loving to him... not put his anger out on him... I hope he thinks about himself xox

cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

Effy's a sweetheart.


Sara Gerard said...

I like Effy! I hope that they can work it out, things seem stressful between them :(