Thursday, January 8, 2015

Oh, its in the coffee

Oh, its in the coffee

Fish wasn't sure what to make of Henry who was under such distress, lately. He was glad they'd gone for coffee after work and had dwelt on Henry's dilemma.

"But I thought things were fine between you and Leo?" Maybe it was a question, after all. He'd seen them at the Christmas ball, and Fish so wanted to admit that he was shocked to see Leo in drag, but he didn't dare want to start the topic. No, there was something..someone Henry had on his mind.

"I guess." Henry shrugged a bit indifferent.

"Well, you shouldn't be guessing about it." Fish looked at him blankly. Did he dare eat another bite of this huge brownie that Henry was suppose to be sharing with him? Which Henry wasn't, he was too busy with bubbly thoughts about Chandler.

Oh, the way Henry told it, made Fish think it was himself in a tryst full of twists with someone.

"Did it happen again?" Fish had no choice but to focus on the brownie.

"Well..." Henry's lashes flutter as if he didn't really want to tell him, but he did. "Not really, but..its just..I..I see the way he's treated at isn't fair."

"What do you mean? Are people harassing him?" Fish squinted as if maybe this was a bullying issue, not Henry madly in love with Chandler.

"I shouldn't have said anything." Now Henry fretted as if he really couldn't confide in Fish, after all.

Fish guessed Henry really didn't need to know his news after all, with Shan. Oh, it was still a secret.  He suppose it would stay that way until Shan decided to let everyone know... what they did over Christmas vacation.


cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

Shan shouldn't be keeping things from Henry. :/


Kristine said...

I liked that you put Book of Lies in this set. I think Henry has a lot of explaining to do.

Ivy said...

Oh, I'm wondering if Henry is OK. And what is up with Shan and Fish.