Thursday, January 29, 2015

don't get me wrong

don't get me wrong

"Is he still here?" Ming was frazzled. She honestly thought there were just too many people in this house. And she was tired. So tired.

She waited for the teapot to boil as she placed a tea bag and a ginger candy cube in her cup.

Rowdy was finishing up the dishes. She never had to clean the kitchen. Especially, after a 12 hours shift at the hospital.

"Rosco? Well, Connor showed up, too." Rowdy told her.

"Connor?" She winced. She wasn't sure if she liked him much better than Rosco.  She tried not to dwell on it.

It was true. Why couldn't Bree just do her homework and focus on her grades? But that sounded like her mother? Yes, she was definitely becoming her mother. Perhaps she was too old for this.

"It'll be all right. Bree will figure it out." Rowdy kneaded her shoulders ever so quaintly.

Ming nursed the corner of her lip, thinking he was being more generous than usual.  It wasn't like Rowdy was a bad person. He'd always been friendly, even the first time she met him. decades ago at the family ranch.

"I can't even figure it out." Ming was a little homesick. She guessed. Maybe she loved her old job, too much. She didn't like these people she had to get along with now. And then to have Shan in such a state lately. She guessed that was her fault. But he was too young to be married. "And where are the boys?"

"I think they're boxing up more of Fish's stuff." Rowdy shrugged with a yawn.

"You, better tell those two in the livingroom to go." Ming looked at Rowdy. No way was she letting him off the hook. If anybody was going to bed early tonight, it was her.


Launna said...

I think Rowdy is too nice and Ming should not be using him...

cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

Ming seems slightly calculating...


Sara Gerard said...

Poor Ming seems so exhausted. I would be annoyed if a bunch of people crashed at my house too!

ivy said...

I see a person who just wants some peace and quiet. I'd take advantage of Rowdy to get some control of the house. I bet those boys would listen to him. I'd say go for it and get some rest.