Friday, January 30, 2015

to be alone with you

to be alone with you

Fish found his old scrapbook that he made when he was just a boy. Most were cartoons he'd drawn. He'd cut out photos of his Mom and Dad making them all superheros.

He couldn't help but chuckle. Something else he should probably throw away. He tossed it in the trash.

"Hey, don't do that." Shan retrieved it.

Fish looked about his naked room. It had been home, all his life.

"I don't need it." He shrugged. His dad was mad. His mother too. They thought he'd lost it, this time. What was he thinking? What else would he let Shan talk him into? He guessed he would not let them know about their matching tattoos.

"Yes, you do." Shan put it in a box they were taking with them.

Fish only shrugged. His parents were really being silly. Why couldn't they trust him?

"They'll come around. They haven't always hated me." Shan reminded him.

"I know."

"We're going to be fine." Shan put his arm around Fish. He planted a kiss on Fish's cheek.

"You're rotten." Fish looked over at him.

"Why do always say that?" Shan was joking. Fish possibly wasn't.

"Because, its true." Fish couldn't help but smile. "You, always get what you want."

"Oh..stop saying that." Now Shan was serious. "You know I love you. You know, you're the best friend I've got..and I want to be with you. Is that too much?"

"It isn't too much to ask." Fish knew he wanted this too. And he wanted to move forward. Except, it felt a step back. He was only moving his stuff to Shan's room at Uncle Rowdy's house. "Its just..its just..I want to be alone with you."

Such a simple thing that felt like it might be a lifetime away.


Launna said...

It is sad how our families can put limits on their love of us if we don't do things their way... hopefully Fish's parents will come around and realize that Fish has to live his life...

cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

My heart is breaking for Fish right now - I hope his family can learn to accept him for who he is.