Wednesday, January 21, 2015

here we go again

Here We Go Again

Carson kept looking at the time. It felt late even if it were a little after nine p.m.

First, he was going to wait in the car, but that wasted  gas. As usual, Gage took his time getting out the grocery store. So he went in. He poured himself some decaff and then almost spilled it on himself when he saw Essie.

He couldn't help to stare, but when she looked his way, he got busy with the sugar then the cream. He didn't want her to think he'd seen her. When he looked back, she didn't even walk his way. Instead, she sauntered toward the little clinic next to the drug store area.

Carson sipped his coffee.

"You know, she's working here." Gage's voice almost made him toss his coffee, again.

"Yeah, I kind of figured that." He looked at Gage, thinking why was it, Gage always put him in a bad mood. "Are you ready?'

"Yeah, I just want to drop off this broccoli cheese soup, for Macy." His sly impish smile irritated Carson all the more, but they were both looking when they saw Essie talking to that doctor fellow.

"Who is that guy?" Carson winced as if he knew what she'd been up. As if he could blame this whole break up on her, after all.

"I think his name is Scott." Gage scowled ever so politely as if he might be on Carson's side.

"Well, you are seeing Charlie." Gage reminded him.

"Yeah." He looked annoyed with Gage.

"Just say'n ..Essie can see who ever she pleases, now." Gage was ready for the parking lot. Parka in place, hood tied down. Even his gloves on.

"Yeah, but she could have been seeing him..."

"I don't think so." As if Gage would know. "She was at that damn church, day and night. Now she's working here. What gives?"

"How in the hell, should I know?" Carson winced hard, wishing he hadn't seen Essie.

"By the way, Bro, she never smiled quite like that when she was with you." Gage bit a grin, as if he knew all along, she wasn't the one for him.

Carson sighed heavily and wondered then, just what was Gage doing with Macy.


Launna said...

I think it is interesting how people want to be with someone, then when it ends they don't want to see them with other people... Carson needs to move on and forget about Essie...

Have a great week xox

cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

Carson definitely needs someone new in his life.