Tuesday, January 20, 2015

in another world

in another world

Holden didn't wish to speak of it, but Matti broke up with him.

He promised it was mutual, but it actually wasn't. She'd gotten on with the ballet company. No more children matinee programs for her. She'd finally made it and she was going to New York City.

Oh, he'd laughed with her when she told him. It was like a natural high for her, but he'd gone home and cried himself to sleep. Actually, he hadn't eaten since New Year's Eve. A Gatorade here and there to keep him conscious.

Actually, he liked the diet. He intended to see how long he could last on it.

But there was Essie waiting at the deli wearing a name tag that said Delia. It was like a sign of some kind, perhaps. Maybe they were meant to get back together, after all.

"Did you have a good Christmas?" She made small talk while he acted like he was the best at his job here. Wiping down anything that might be on the counter.

"I guess." He sighed. "My step-sister's boyfriend is here. I guess he's moving in."

"That guy? She met over the summer, at camp?" Essie smiled as if she knew what was happening. "What's he like?"

"Just some blond guy." Holden was indifferent about it. He didn't really notice the guy. He thought his name was Boyd, but wasn't sure.

"He seemed really sweet when she talked about him." Essie's gaze caught him off guard. He looked away.

"Look, what do you want to know?" He looked her in the eye, thinking it was true. She did want him. He thought they should have some rules this time.

"Oh, I'd really like to know how to run the cash register. I'm really OK about the money part, its that debit or credit thing I have trouble with." She admitted.

"I see." He was doing his best to read into this as something else. She really was eager to learn this job. "Look, do you want me to drive, you home tonight?" He hugged himself thinking that would be the plan. His car. Alone with Essie. As it was, Gage was catching a ride home with his brother since Macy was sick.

"No, I have a ride home." She was straight lipped, yet a sunny smile came to her, and it hurt so bad to know there would be no rebound with Essie.


Launna said...

I think Holden should forget about Essie... I hope someone comes around for him soon...

cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

I think Essie definitely has her sights set on someone new - he should give up on her once and for all.


Sara Gerard said...

Essie seems to be trying to be friends with him, but it is a bit confusing.