Saturday, January 10, 2015

its in the air

its in the air

"Well, have you had a fight?" Garvin didn't know what else to ask when Leo showed up at his place at closing.

Leo shook his head, no. "I don't guess." He winced then as he thought more of Henry. "We've..we have discussed stuff."

"Discussed stuff?" Garvin guessed they were friends. Garvin and Leo. Perhaps. It was kind of funny, he wasn't sure who his real friends were anymore. Had he actually made any on his own? Yes, there was still Vera that he didn't live with anymore. He just didn't think it right with her spending more time with Zane. They might be dating even if she swore they weren't.

He'd made his home upstairs that was no more than a loft with a bathroom. The kitchen was actually downstairs. He went to make Leo something hot to drink in his Mr. Coffee which made single cups of brew.

"I guess..I guess he thinks..we're too serious. I'm too serious." Leo sighed.

Garvin only nodded. Maybe that was a fact.

"Its just, he doesn't want to admit it, but he is a control freak." Leo sighed as if he'd come to the conclusion.

Garvin cleared his throat as if he'd told him more than enough, Finally, the brew dispensed and their was the fragrant hazelnut coffee.

"I love this stuff." Garvin told him as he reached for the real half and half in the fridge.

Leo didn't seem to mind. Some of his clients only liked coffees without the flavor.

"Well, I'm sorry to hear things know..not OK." Garvin remembered, they were talking about Henry. "I don't really know him."

"I don't know what he wants." Leo stared at his coffee. "He's just so.." Leo sighed heavily as he sat back down on the couch. "He doesn't like change but then he goes and changes everything."

"Well, every couple has..has their problems." He told him about his brother and his fiance. "I mean, they really do want to get married, and they can, just about anywhere, but in this state. But his fiance has family here and you know, they have Abel..and well, they cope. They really do."

Garvin weakly smiled as if Leo would find the courage, too.

"I just thought..we'd be together ..forever." Leo's voice cracked.

Instantly, Garvin knew how he felt. He'd been down that road before. He had thought the same exact thing. And then it was final. He didn't really want to think how final it actually was. A shiver ran through him as he slightly teared up.

Garvin  realized he wanted to be there for him.


cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

Leo's lucky to have Garvin right now.


Kristine said...

we all seem to date at least one control freak in our lives. I just hope you don't land up with them forever! lol so glad I didn't. ♥ interesting story line.

Launna said...

I am glad Garvin can be there for Leo... sometimes there are people who are control freaks because they fear change... I have known many people like this.. :-/