Monday, January 12, 2015

the one shot deal

one shot deal

Bree could hear the shouting from outside. She decided to walk on as if she had some other place to be. But it was freezing outside.

"You, can come over to my place if you want," said a voice from behind her.

"Oh." She looked over her shoulder and wondered just how long he had been following her. He was actually in Eight Grade and was the infamous food fighter. It was Rosco who never came to the lunch room because he ate lunch in the principal's office..and he lived next door.

Well, he didn't look like a troublemaker at the moment in a heavy parka and fake rabbit hat. Bree only shrugged.

"Sweet." His smile was more than impish.

Bree sighed thinking she really needed to pee. And she excused herself, immediately, while he went to make them some hot chocolate.

They were alone. Not a soul was home. She checked out the bathroom. Nothing too unusual. She didn't know his parents. Didn't know if there were any other siblings lurking about. Rosco was pretty much a mystery.

"So, you scared of me, like everyone else?" He asked as soon as she stepped out of the bathroom. He handed her a big mug of hot chocolate.

"Why is everyone so scared of you?" He was hardly big enough to take her down. She knew where to kick him if he tried anything.

"Who knows." He shrugged a bit indifferent. "Not like I go to RESOURCE for every class."

"You go to RESOURCE?" She didn't know. Even so, didn't mean he was stupid.

She sipped her steaming drink.

"I  hate math. I bit a teacher once, but that was first grade. She just smelled weird, you know." He sounded as if she had it coming.

Bree shrugged back as if she didn't care. She sipped her hot chocolate. It was then she realized this was no ordinary hot chocolate. It was dozed with that stuff her Uncle Rowdy liked to sip late at night during the news.

She smiled at Rosco. Maybe he was kind of intriguing, after all.


Launna said...

Bree should be careful... hopefully alcohol is the only thing in the drink...

cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

Bree is definitely taking chances this time. :/


ivy said...

Oh Bree! Be afraid.

Kristine said...

I kind of liked him until the end.

deb said...

this is so interesting. I work with resource kids.