Friday, February 6, 2015

At the library

at the library

Vada got a job.

It was a good thing. She got her driver's license that week too. And with everything going on with Henry and his meds, it was perfect timing. Because she was the new shelver at the library, and Henry had a sure ride home.

Actually, she got the car that was meant to be Henry's. She was a little somber about it, but it had a wonderful stereo system and well, that's what mattered the most to her. Even if it was just an old gray Honda Civic. It was hers. Of course, Henry was out most of the week, under observation at the hospital.

"Is he going to be OK?" The new Young Adult librarian  asked.

"I don't really know." She wasn't sure what to call the new librarian, either. She had to wonder how well he knew Henry. Just what certain kind of interest did he have in Henry?

"Do you think he'd want these Rainbow High books?" He handed her the hardcover books. He told her he'd gotten new ones in soft covers. Finally, he smiled as if he might be a salesman of some kind. "Hi, I'm Jude." He gave her a hearty handshake and then a strange thing happened. He hugged her, as if he really wanted to get to know her.

She pulled back and almost drew a scowl.

"I just thought, you, might need a hug." He smiled. "Are you having fun yet?"

She shrugged. She thought of Dean, suddenly. She was doing his job.  Vada put the books in her locker along with her purse and went to work with the shelving. She'd helped Dean plenty. Perhaps, that was why she got the job. At first she didn't think it would happen. After all, Henry worked here, but the director remembered her putting in time, helping Dean. And now she had the job.

She was on her own as she went to get a cart of books. She passed by Jude. As she walked away, she wondered then if he was looking at her butt. She could have sworn he'd touched it when he hugged her. It gave her a nasty shiver. Vada wasn't so sure she wanted to know the new YA librarian.


cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

Jude sounds like a creep.


Kristine said...

Is he going to be an ok guy or a creepy guy? I think her spidey senses are going off....

Launna said...

I think Vada needs to trust her instincts.. Jude does not sound like a nice guy...