Saturday, February 7, 2015

Its in a letter

its in a letter

Audrey sneaked a look at the box of letters her mom gave her. Actually, Audrey stashed them in her drawer at work. She knew that would be the last place Aidan could find them. Not that she meant to hide the old letters, but maybe it was best if she kept them here. She didn't want to throw them away. Not just yet.

After all, a lot was happening. lately. Kayla had a baby boy. They named him Owen and Oliver was home now. Really, home. Not down the hallway. It seemed everything was warming up, this January. Except the weather. And there was a lot of happiness going around. Then her mother gave her the box of letters.

"I just found these. I forgot I even had them."

Of course, Audrey looked, at the shoe box of letters, startled. She didn't know what to make of them, at first.

"They just kept coming. One or so a month. It was years ago." Her mom told her she wished she'd given them to her ages ago. "But you know, it was-"

Audrey knew exactly what she meant. Her mother didn't trust her then. These might have been from some dark soul of Audrey's past. But they weren't. They were from Scott.

She didn't want to explain to her Mom just who he was. She remembered him quite well. Aidan's roommate from college.

Actually, he'd sent her a CD mix he'd made from some obscure band he'd seen in concert. Funny, in those days, she did hang out with him a lot. Not that she really wanted too. She was usually waiting for Aidan to get back from a date or somewhere.

It was true, they were practically in the same boat. She guessed. She never felt quite good enough for Aidan back then. Still, she managed to be OK with the fact he had a girlfriend. Then.

And yes, she'd made out with Scott one new year's eve, but it never went any farther. Even if he wanted too. She promised him he'd regret it. And well, she assumed it was over then. She was sure she'd broken his heart. It was a bit of a blur when she thought of Scott.

She'd gone her own way in the downward spiral of things. Then she left home. But he'd written her letters.

She teared up now. Wondering what ever happen to him. She hoped she didn't ruin his life.

Audrey started to open a letter, but it felt best to leave them untouched. Maybe it was best this way.


cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

I wonder if Audrey will truly be able to resist.


runners said...

wow! *hands rubbing together.... open them!!!!

**side note: she didn't seem mad at her mom for keeping her mail away from her. howcome?

ellie said...

Audrey wasn't always the best daughter in the world. She was rather wayward..and sometimes, I guess over time it doesn't seem to be such a big deal, anymore

ivy said...

I love this collage of Grant Gustin..honestly, so sweet in all his geekiness! I do wonder what he wrote in those letters. I would so love to know!

Launna said...

The is no way I could let those letters sit... I would have to open them... even if it was opening a can of worms... I hope she opens them soon :)