Sunday, February 8, 2015

a bit of a quiz

a bit of a quiz

Chandler didn't get it. Now Henry liked him. Sounded liked everyone knew but him.

"You know, I'm not going to dump Oz, for you." Chandler said very genuine at the circulation desk in the library where Henry worked.

Henry looked peeved, giving Chandler the eye that he had no idea what protocol even meant. He went to excuse himself from the desk and took Chandler back to the breakroom.

Chandler couldn't help but smile. He'd never been here before. For a second, he thought he might even give this whole thing a chance, and then he remembered how he liked studying each freckle on Oz's face, and he was back to wanting to be with Oz.

"I don't want to be with you." Henry almost hissed.


But he bought Chandler a soda. He was still being nice to him.

"I do care about you." Henry looked sad. Chandler supposed he was smiling too much.

"Well..I care about you." Even if it did feel like an after thought.

"You, still like Oz?"

"Yeah." Chandler almost spewed soda up his nose.

"You, really care about him?"

Chandler winced. "I guess." He hadn't really thought about it much. He did like being with Oz. It felt like the two of them were discovering everything for the first time. Even if it hadn't been anything full on. It was the little things with Oz that kept him smiling.

"You're really sure?" Henry questioned.

"I..." Chandler cleared his throat. He hadn't expected this to be a test of some kind with Henry. "What are you getting at?"

"I just want you think about him, and his needs and being who he needs. Its not always about you, Chandler." Henry told him.

Chandler looked at him wide-eyed. He'd never really thought of himself being Oz's boyfriend. Well, not that kind of boyfriend. Still Chandler finally winced.

"Hey, what's going on with you? Are you going away, or something?" Chandler wanted to know. Henry was being  a little too profound for him.

Henry hugged himself  and scowled ever so endearing. "I'm just trying to help you."


runners said...

don't you just love the unsolicited advice and then the " I'm just trying to help you" comments?

cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

Henry's such a sweetheart. I really hope things get better for him.


ellie said...

I really think Henry is just trying to be a good friend to Chandler.

deb said...

you hit it right on!! That comment is a signal that it is about their own needs ...what they mean to say is " It is about my needs oops not your."

Thinking Henry is perhaps interested in Oz??

Launna said...

I think Henry is just trying to be a friend... I hope so... I think Chandler needs to follow his heart :)

ellie said...

I do have two readers who are thinking the worst of Henry..but honestly, Henry has been through the worst of it lately. I don't think he's thinking about making a move on Chandler's boyfriend. Perhaps, Henry is growing wise. I hope, anyway.