Thursday, February 19, 2015

explaining it all

explaining it all

Seriously, Jude couldn't see this relationship lasting. Maybe, Alo could do better.

He liked Alo, who was so happy go lucky. But this Vada, what did he even see in her?

OK. Jude knew exactly what Alo saw, and yeah, Jude wouldn't mind having some of that, at least for one night.

So maybe Jude was having more fun than he let on. Being single. Finally.

He did not miss his ex, Tessa, at all. She'd really brought him down. And what he witnessed, here tonight at the diner, this Vada being all moody, well..Alo was still in the same boat. Naturally, Jude didn't try to be too witty around her, because he knew Vada couldn't stand him.

"What do you even see in her?" Jude wanted to know, later when it was just he and Alo, back at the boarding house, alone.

"Everything." Alo cracked a laugh as if no way could Jude set him straight on the Vada matter.

"She's..just all wrong for you." Jude shook his head.

"You, don't even know her." Alo looked him straight in the eye.

"And you do? She doesn't even know what she wants. She hates everything. And believe me, I lost six long years of my life with someone..just like that!" He couldn't help but be a little riled, even in the cold February night air. It was true, Tessa was clearly depressed and she wouldn't do a thing about it. She was a recluse. She couldn't even stand the sight of people. It was amazing they ever got together. But it was a mistake he now thought. He wanted fun now. "You'll wake up one day and was not worth it."

Jude's frown was small. He watched Alo walk away. He did want to be friends with him. He did. Alo reminded him so much of his little brother he'd lost in a car crash when they were in high school.


cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

I hope Jude reconsiders Alo's friendship - I think they'd be great buddies!


Ivy said...

I'm not sure Jude is the best influence.

Launna said...

I think Alo has his own path and Jude has to let him go down it... as well he just needs to support Alo...