Saturday, February 28, 2015

Its just dinner

its just dinner prt.1

Gage stared at Macy with a longing smile. Valentines day had really been quite simple for the both of them. But she'd given him a picture she'd made, for just him. It was of a house, he'd talked about, that he grew up in. The one he'd burned. Actually.

But she'd listened. And it was all he'd remembered. And he loved it.

"God, I'm so glad you didn't draw me." He sighed as they got ready to go to this dinner of Ren's, for Dean and his new bride.

"Well, I like to think..I sketch." She clarified.

"OK, sketched." He didn't want to fuss with an artist. Gage kissed Macy on the side of her forehead. He held her hand, so proud to show her off to his oldest friend. But there was Vada with her new guy. He guessed her old beau.

"I don't think we've been properly introduced." He then said to Vada's fellow.

Naturally, Vada looked at him, totally pissed.

"Oh, this is Macy. Sorry, I haven't...I'm Gage." He shook his hand.

"Good, to meet you. I'm Alo." There was a hint of an accent. Gage really wasn't expecting Vada to be seeing a foreigner.


Of course, Vada gave him a cold indifferent look as to why on earth would he say what he said. Just cool?

Macy said nothing, but Alo shook her hand, too as they made their way in. As he looked back, he saw Josie and her new guy were coming up the steps.

After all, this was Gage's home, and yet he felt a visitor at the moment. Seeing Dean was like looking at a past memory that he didn't know anymore. But there would be plenty to eat. Ren always had plenty to eat.

its just dinner prt.2

It was so true, Vada wanted to hide behind Alo. Let him do all the talking. She really hated being here. Especially. seeing Gage with a girl who he hardly deserved. Why didn't the girl see what he was? He was arrogant and such an ass, in Vada's eyes.

And then she saw Dean who hadn't changed a bit, but that girl was so fat.

No one had told Vada that Bradly was pregnant. And what kind of name was Bradley, anyway?

Oh, it left a bad taste in Vada's mouth. There was no way she could smile. It would be such a terrible evening. Vada knew she needed to keep quiet. And not say a word to Dean. After all, Josie showed up with Sky.


cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

This is definitely going to be an awkward night. :/


Launna said...

Vada needs to move on... she has a great guy in Alo...