Sunday, March 1, 2015

really now

really now

Dean felt as if he was on auto-pilot, as of late. It was weird being here. Actually, he didn't even want to come home because after all, it didn't feel like home.

There were no little ones running around, taking over the house. So much had changed. Ren was with Gage's dad and they were practically married.

"I'd really love it, if you could be here for the ceremony." Ren told him.

"I don't think that's possible." Dean was stunned. Wasn't it enough? He'd showed up with Brad. Married. This was his family now. But he could see in Ren's eyes that it would mean so much.

"Yes, you could. Tomorrow. We could do it tomorrow. Here. You, could walk me down the stairs." Ren smiled as she hugged him tight.

"I guess." He sighed. He couldn't look back. He didn't want too. Here were all the foster kids he'd actually known for such a long time. Gage, who looked quite charming now. Not even with a sheepish grin as if he might be up to some harm. And Vada.

Did he really want to catch a glimpse of her?

Oh, he needed to be next to Brad's side. She was... after all his anchor.

Things had really turned out so much better than he ever thought possible. Both were in nursing school. It didn't feel quite real. But he was a married man now and very much in love with his wife. He didn't want anything to change.

Still. He didn't want to hurt anyone here, either. And he felt it might go that way. But Josie was with Sky and he liked her smile now. There was a certain confidence he hadn't seen before and Sky was quite the natural. He was full of laughter, and it was nice to see them together.

"I think you've gotten taller." Gage shook his hand as he loomed over Dean.

"No, I think you've gotten taller." Dean grinned, "Who's this?"

"Macy." Gage said he worked with her at the grocery store.

"And you can still stand to be around him, during off hours?" Dean kept smiling although, he could see Macy didn't get his humor, but she shook his hand. Then when he turned, there was Vada.

"My boyfriend knows all about you." He thought he heard her say.

Dean remained closed lip. Maybe he was just hearing things.


cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

It's nice to see everything through Dean's eyes.


Launna said...

I hope Vada lets things go with Dean... she has Alo... and Dean has moved on...