Tuesday, February 3, 2015

just the idea

just the idea

Alo felt as if he were stepping on every-ones toes, lately. Winter finally arrived with endless snow. And he needed to do something.

Was it so awful to want to try to find someone? Well, the case being Roman. Alo did find it intriguing. He'd even gone to Roman's parents with his own ideas as to what was going on with Roman.

Alo felt for sure it all had to do something with the railroad tracks. Naturally, Vada wasn't so sure it was any of his business about missing Roman.

They'd got in a fuss about it. She was sure Alo might go missing too. And he had a laugh about it.

"You, are just bored. Pure boredom." She told him. In fact, she pressed her index finger hard into his chest to let him no she meant it.

"Ow!" He winced back, in his new room that didn't have anything new about it. Still it was his room, and she seemed to be making it more of her own, than his. Vada brought a new plaid comforter and fresh pillows, along with a few other guy items that no one had ever bought for him before.

Maybe she had a point, aside from sharp fingernails.. Yes, he was a little bored. Classes were starting up. Still, he was worried about this Roman. He wanted to figure it out. Of course, maybe Derrick had something to do with it. His friendly waiter at the diner he went too..only lonely mornings for coffee, but he hadn't mentioned him to Vada.

"I don't want anything to happen to you." She grabbed him by the shoulders, ready to give him a heavy duty shaking.

"Relax." He sighed. He wasn't going anywhere. "His parents have a detective." All  though, the dective hadn't really detected much. "I just wanted to help, but they said NO."

He was trying to think if he'd ever met Roman. A part of him thought he had, when he was little, but he might have been wrong. Still, he hated the fact that someone who was his own age was missing.

"Roman was stupid to go after her, to begin with." Vada was in a pout as if she knew the truth about Roman and this runaway girl. "I mean, she didn't even know he cared about her." She shook her head as if she was trying to figure out what it all meant. "He's a fool, to go after her, like that."

"Well..I would have done the same thing..if..if it were you, you know." He looked at her as if maybe he was seeing her true colors. Still, that didn't stop him from thinking she was the most wonderful human being on the planet to be in his life. "I'm seriously thinking about going into criminal justice."

This cracked Vada up.

"What?" He smiled.

She laughed more..

It was clear to see who she thought the crazy one.


cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

Looks like a bond has definitely been formed!


Sara Gerard said...

I like them together.

Launna said...

I like Vada and Alo together... although I think Vada needs to grow up a little xox

SuperLux said...

Aw. Love is in the air.